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Ask Lobsters: is there an InkJet printer that isn’t an abomination?


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    > is there an InkJet printer that isn’t an abomination?


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      I think this could be generalized into

      is there a printer that isn’t an abomination


      All printers are evil. Every single atom a printer is made out of is pure and condensed evil.

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        What the hell is PC Loadletter?

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        My solution to the printing horror has been to buy second hand LaserJets and run them till they die. The latest one cost me £35 for an ex-office beast with 60k lifetime prints left in the fuser: it’ll probably see me out. Admittedly it’s b+w only. But it is duplex!

        (Note, this was less practical when the printer in question was a LaserJet IIIP. That was a beast. The 4+ was a big improvement on that front. Currently rocking a LaserJet 3015. Built in cups server, 1200dpi, duplex, cheap toner. What’s not to like?)

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          No. Go with laser or for color thermal.

          Anecdata, Brother networked duplexing printers. They’re more reliable than HP since about the 5-series era and easier to service. All printers have plastic gears, loose tolerances, and rubber bits. Buy one a level or two above your target workload and it’ll last for years.

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            Sorry, but that’s the way ink jet printer works. You don’t want to have your printhead clogged with dry ink, so they have to clean it sometimes. It’s like cars’ FAP filter :) They could add some kind of tray or replaceable reservoir but probably that was economically (for manufacturers) non-viable - your printhead will be dead first. Nevertheless there is some progress in ink-jet printers - epson, brother or hp sells printers with build-in CISS now, so at least you can save more on ink than before. You don’t have to buy new non-eco plastic cartridges anymore. By the way, there is an aftermarket replacement for these sponges and there is a software (although not for all models) that can reset counter.