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    One of these days javascript is gonna stop working for a day and you all will be very sorry for being so mean to it.

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      Some of us intentionally disable javascript altogether, so that day will be pretty funny.

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        We saw something similar when NPM removed Kik and the author unpublished leftpad which broke builds for plenty of JS projects, though this didn’t cause javascript to “stop working”, it did prevent development for many projects.


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        There are a number of projects built around the quirkiness of the JavaScript language. It’s kind of like getting to the top floor of a building by scaling the outside of the structure instead of using the elevator inside:

        First I saw: http://www.jsfuck.com/ by@aemkei

        Then http://aem1k.com/aurebesh.js/ also by @aemkei

        And now there’s a whole chat room dedicated to this sort of pursuit in JS: https://gitter.im/aemkei/jsfuck

        Stories with similar links:

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