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New year, new dubdub. Rumours abound - VR/AR? New MacBooks? New Mac Pro?

Unfortunately, I might not be able to (fully?) transcccribe the event for you, because I’ll be stuck at an airport. But I will definitely do what I can.

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    (Reminder: I have a flight departing at 50 minutes in, so I might miss a big reveal. Please follow up what I miss out on! Or I could follow up on the VOD….)

    • Stream start.

    • Tim at Apple Park. Developers, developers, developers. Support initiatives. Developer centre across from Apple Park. Tech talks. Outreach programs for developers and entrepreneurs in marginalized communities. 34M developers (how is that calculated?).

    • To Hair Force One. iOS 16. New features. Personalization features; lock screen updates. Custom colours and fonts, widgets/complications, animations. Depth effect for portraits and the things on the lock screen. Just swipe to try different styles. Can move the portrait overlay. Widgets can exist right on the lock screen, both in a simple watch-like complication, with multiple of them. Suggested default configs. Suggested photos from library. It seems to pick the background out from the image. Multiple lock screen styles can be saved. Weather and astronomy animated lockscreen background. WidgetKit API for third party applications. Notifications roll in from the bottom in a smaller area, and can be hidden. Better coalescing of notifications for real-time things with live activities. API coming for it in iOS 16. Suggested things for it include sports, ridesharing, and fitness. Music live activitites can expand out. Integrates into focus control. Focus can show and hide lock screen configs and things based on current focus. Focus filter API.

    • Messages. Editing messages, message recall. Mark as unread. Shared with you improvements; new API. SharePlay improvements; discovery of supported applications. SharePlay in Messages, not just FaceTime.

    • Robby on Dictation improvements in Messages. 18B uses each month, with on-device ML. Hybrid voice and touch dictation, so you can use the keyboard while speaking. Replace highlighted text with dictated text. Better punctuation, can dictate emoji. Siri API improvements. Previously, manual setup, now App Intents API for Swift; no setup required. Live text improvements; now it works in video. Pause on any frame, and highlight text in it. Quick actions in live text; i.e. translation. Live text in the translate app in camera view. Live text API. Visual Lookup improvements. Touch and hold a subject to automatically cut it out of an image. Powered by CoreML, 40B ops in milliseconds. On all Apple platforms.

    • Back to Craig. Wallet improvements, from Corey. AZ/MD/11 other states adding it. TSA adding support. Wallet for age verification, only necessary info shared; only shares if i.e. only over 21. Key support. Share keys in messaging apps. Will be an IETF standard for other platforms, for non-IOS. Apple Pay. Rolling out more. Can accept payments directly on iPhone. Apple Pay Later; payment plans. Four equal paymewnts, zero interest, no fees. (What?) No integration for merchants, Apple Pay handles it for then. Wallet tracks due fees. Order tracking for wallet. eCommerce platforms will add support.

    • Craig. Maps. 11 more countries. More details on 3D objects in more cities and transit. Meg to cover it. Multi-stop routing; 15 stops. Previous routes are stored in recents. Continuity with Mac and iPhone. Can ask Siri to add more routes (i.e. CarPlay). Transit costs shown, cards shown in wallet, and reload it from Maps. MapKit improvements. Third-party apps can use the enhanced map and add their own pins to it. Look Around API. Server-side APIs coming.

    • Craig. Sports??? Rubie on SPORTS! Live Activities, yeah. Apple TV+ has Friday baseball. Sports improvements in News. Sports section, with layout for scores and standings for various leagues. Sports stuff is free. US/UK/Canada/Australia availabilities.

    • Craig. Family sharing; up to 5 people can share Apple resources on a single plan, with child controls. Improvements to parental controls and child account managements. Easier to set age-appropriate content and initial device setup. Use another iOS device to automatically set up another device. Requests for i.e. screen time in Messages. Overview mode, dealing with aging, and reminding you to share your stuff with the fam. Photo sharing with families. Shared photo library in iCloud. Separate library that people can put stuff into. Make it easy to include a specific time or place, and a subset of them. Move after the fact, or use the new toggle switch in Camera. Geofence optional based on other family members nearby. Equal permissions for the shared library.

    • Privacy. Personal safety tool. Quickly turn off shared access; Safety Check. Katie. Partnering with i.e. domestic violence orgs. Settings options. Stop sharing location easily. Reset privacy permissions. Sign out of iCloud on other devices. Restrict messages.

    • Back to Craig. Ecosystem improvements. Home and car. Corey. A different one. Smart home stuff. Matter connectivity standard. HomeKit is the foundation of it, continues security tradition. Vendor buy-in. Privacy. Home app improvements. Home at a glance view. Categorization of types of device at the top. Scroll through cameras. Tile design improvements. Lock screen integration. On all Apple platforms.

    • Emily on CarPlay. Available on 98% US cars, 79% purchasers would demand it. Car screens get bigger. Next-gen CarPlay. Widgets, dashboard screens/gauge cluster, climate controls. The whole fucking instrument cluster. On-device, seems to integrate with the car’s sensors. Handles various different car layouts. Customize the gauge/dashboard layout and aesthetics. Manufacturer buy-in.

    • Craig. Recap. Spatial audio improvements. True depth camera to create spatial improvements. Security and memoji improvements.

    • Kevin on Watch. Face improvements to take advantage of bigger screens. Lunar calendar improvements. Better complications. New Siri and notification UI. Pin apps. Podcast improvements; discovery. Family setup to enable it for kids. Sharing is easier with new APIs, CallKit improvements for third-party conferencing.

    • Craig Bolton on fitness with Watch. Running. Metrics improvements. Running form metrics. Calculate vertical oscillation, isolates torso movements from wrist via ML. Similar for ground contract and stride length. Better visualization for it. Calculates zone. Create workout based on metrics you want to improve, with alerts on i.e. heart rate, with haptic/voice feedback, to know when to work harder or to rest. Use the crown to switch views. Save them for later in the workout app. Works for other types like hiking, strength-training, etc. Can automatically switch between modes (i.e. cycling/swimming/running) based on sensors. Fitness without Watch - available on iPhone, using motion sensors. Accurate enough for i.e. running and calculating calories. Easily share with friends.

    • Sumbul on the rest of watchOS. Sleep. Keep track of i.e. blood oxygen. Sleep stages. Use accelerometer and heart sensors. Trained and validated ML model for it. Show what part of sleep you were in. Science still want to know more about sleep. You can opt in to share sleep data with scientists. Heart health. Atrial fib alerts. Can keep track of it in history, and cross-ref with other metrics. Poops out a PDF for your doctor. FDA clearance Real Soon Now™. Medications. 50% people take them. Watch can help you keep track of what you need and take, with notifications for intervals. Complications and iPhone app. Type in the name, and it’ll make it easy. Or just scan in the label. Create the notifications easily. Handles drug-to-drug interactions. Warns you if it conflicts. Or if it doesn’t work if you drink. Family sharing support.

    • Kevin. Health data only shared with permission. New keyboard languages, watchOS/TV integration API, parental controls. Craig. John on Mac. M2. Johny. Focus on efficiency even with power. Second-gen 5nm, 20B transistors, 25% more than M1. Memory controller; 100GB/s UMA bandwidth. 50% more than M1. 24 GB of UMA. 128-bit LPDDR5. 8-core. 4 p-core 192KB I 128KB D. Didn’t get to type E cores. Shared 16 MB L2.18% more than M1. 1.9X than 10-core ADL. 90% of 12-core ADL, quarter of the W. 10 core GPU. 25% faster than M1. 2.3x faster than 10-core ADL’s IGP, in a fifth of the power. Next-gen SE/ANE. NE does 15.8T/s, more than M1. New encoders, 8K H.264/HEVC/ProRes.

    • Back to John. New MacBook Air. It’s the best-seller. Redesign with M2. He thin. And no taper? And rounded? Notched. Kristin. MagSafe? Two Type C ports next to MagSafe. 20% volume reduction. 11.3mm thin. 2.7lb. Four colours: Silver, grey, starlight, midnight. High-impedance headphone jack. Liquid retina display. 13.6” display. 500 nits, 25% brighter. 1B colours. 1080p front facing camera. Twice the res/low-light, better ISP. Audio moved behind the keyboard, three mic array. Four speakers. Spatial audio. Full heigh function row with touch ID. Yup, M2 is an improvement. Still silent and fanless. Battery life is the same; 18 hours of video playback. Dual type C power adapter. Fast charge with a 67W adapter. Up to 50% in 30m. Glamour video. 13” MBP gets M2 too. Environmental goals being met. New air starts at 1199$, pro at 1299$, 100$ edu discount. 24 GB of RAM support. M1 Air stays in lineup at 999$.

    • Craig. macOS. Continuity improvements. What’s the crack marketing team up to? Ventura. Multiple windows can be overwhelming. Stage manager to organize windows. In control centre. It brushes the other windows off to the side when you want to focus on the window. Switch windows and it swaps focus. For multiple documents, it brushes them to the side too. You can have multiple windows in the stage by dragging. Effectively groups windows, as groups can be switched. For files on the desktop? Just drag, hold over a window group, and it becomes focused. Spotlight. Quick look in Spotlight. Photo search with live text. Trigger shortcuts. Uses the full window for richer previews. iOS now has Spotlight on the front page.

    • Darin. Mail improvements. Message recall. Scheduled send. Follow-up suggestions. Remind me later. Mail search. Recent documents from mail, better suggestions. Typo suggestions. Safari improvements. It’s still power efficient. They support and introduce new webtech, contrary to many. Shared tab groups. Security stuff. No more passwords. Use passkeys. It’s got like, cryptography. Use TouchID/FaceID to create them. Key only works on the site it was intended for, doesn’t leave devices. Nothing secret kept on web server. Works the same in apps too, synced across iCloud Keychain. It’s FIDO; use QR code for non-Apple stuff.

    • Craig. Gaming. M1 can do games just fine, so…. why not? Jeremy. Metal 3. MetalFX Upscaling. Resource loader API. RE: Village coming to Mac. Air can do 1080p just fine, Studio 4K.

    • Back to Craig. Continuity. Transfer calls between devices. Use iPhone camera on your Mac? A funny stand dingus, and boom, fancy webcam. All wireless. Kinda goofy looking, but if you NEED fancy webcams…. well, it also does centre stage/portrait mode. Studio light filter. Desk view mode, using phone with some fancy ISP stuff. Belkin’s making stands for it. later this year. Works with stuff you already own. More improvements like a clock app and redesigned settings app.

    • iPadOS.

    Unfortunately I’m boarding at this point now. Back soon!

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      Resuming from where I left off.

      • iPadOS. Has the features mentioned in iOS and sometimes macOS. Weather app on iPad. WeatherKit API. Collaboration features. Collab from share sheet into messages. Previously, hitting share would send a copy, but now one can invite users into a document. Even a group. Shows collaboration status and management in the toolbar. Can even do a call. Can use shared tab groups, and see what tabs people are looking at. Tab list syncs across all members.

      • Works with almost all of Apple’s own apps like Notes and iWork. APIs coming. Available on Mac and iPhone too. New app called Freeform coming later. Elizabeth on it. Ink-based whiteboard/notetaking app, seemingly infinite canvas? Can see cursors and selections of others. Jump to see what other people are working on. Include text, images, and video.

      • Back to Craig. Will be included with Apple platforms. Gaming. Metal 3 on iPad too. Background download API. SharePlay for joining game lobbies. Aiming for desktop-class apps; trying to hit feature parity by matching as many little details as possible. For example, system undo/redo, lists/find/merge in contacts, availability in calendar, major upgrades in Files. Document menu (kinda like the proxy icon/popover, but also file menu too), find/replace, customizable toolbars, all available as APIs. Reference colour mode on iPad. Works in Sidecar too. Display scaling modes on iPad. Swapfile on iPad. Stage manager on iPad. With external displays. Overlapping windows, with groups. Up to 8 at the same time. Drag and drop between apps.

      • Tim recap. Dev beta now, public beta July, GA in autumn.

      Maybe I should do SOTU too….

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      One external display with up to 6K resolution at 60Hz

      Nice for the 27 of you who can afford those, but I’d rather be able to have dual external monitors, and wouldn’t even cry if they maxed out at 1440p.

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        6K is cutting edge, but there are cheap 4K displays now. For text even a TN 4K panel will be better than any 1440p display.

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          Sure, but I’d still like to be able to use two of them.

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            Have you checked out the option of using a DisplayLink adapter? They seem to work fine, but of course it’s an added expense.

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            24” displays do get a bit small though.

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            Gotta sell more 14-inch Pros..

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            Somehow I missed the whole passkeys thing that’s been in dev preview for a year. Yeah, so it’s their soft WebAuthn token. The FIDO alliance now endorses those, calling them “multi-device FIDO credentials” But the interesting part is the whole usage on random PCs thing. According to FIDO FAQ,

            An update to the Client to Authenticator Protocol (CTAP) called “caBLE” will leverage Bluetooth LE (BLE) to enable cross-device, cross-ecosystem credential usage.

            Turns out work on this has been going for a couple years now. It’s still oddly difficult to find info about caBLE. What’s especially interesting is that they showed some QR code thing on stage. Apparently both QR codes and BLE are involved?? Somehow?

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              I don’t think it’s their soft WebAuthn token, but their hard WebAuthn token using the TPM on the mac. They’ve had it for a few years now I just don’t think many people used it.

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                Not few years, one year of developer preview.

                Well.. it’s sort of “hard-ish” in that the Secure Enclave might be used for the operations. But the private keys are synced via iCloud (again, multi-device credential), so they’re not locked in the Enclave.

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                  Presumably they’re synced via standard keychain mechanisms which would mean they’re never exposed in an unencrypted form

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                    I’d say 2 years since it was released at least before July 1, 2020 and that definitely wasn’t a “developer preview”.

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                      You are talking about different things. Support for device-specific WebAuthn tokens has been around for several years (I have used this functionality for a while now). Experimental support for ‘Passkey’ (WebAuthn tokens that sync through iCloud Keychain to multiple devices) has been added to macOS 12 and iOS 15. But you have to enable support through the Develop option in Safari on macOS and something similar on iPhone. This functionality was announced last year in a WWDC session:


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                Great to hear about more mainstream support for webauthn!

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                  I thought this was a good pre-reflection on what AR glasses could be like: https://furbo.org/2022/06/03/lame-until-it-isnt/

                  Edit: Oh well.

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