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I find myself in the position of needing email for multiple domains. I launched one side project last year and I’m using zoho free email for that domain. Now I’m getting ready to launch a couple of other side projects and need email for these domains as well. I’ve found zoho to be perfectly acceptable, but I don’t want to abuse their free offering and since none of these side projects generate revenue, I’d like to keep cost down as much as possible.

So the question is; what do fellow Lobsters do for email for you side project domains?

Edit; to answer questions below, low volume, send and receive a few emails a day, things like signups/welcomes, password resets, inquiries.

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    I use Mailgun for all outgoing transactional emails and forward incoming emails to the side project domain into my primary email account. It’s not perfect, but it’s free and works well enough. I used FastMail in the past and it worked well, but I found I didn’t want to check separate inboxes for each side project.

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      Very cool, a couple of questions; does mailgun allow you to have multiple domains per account, or is it single domain per account? Also, to clarify, for each of my domains, I would configure dns with mx records pointing at mailguns servers?

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        I’m also using Mailgun for my side project emails. I’ve got three different domains on my account now, and I don’t think there’s any limit to how many you can have. And yes, you’ll need to configure the DNS for your domains to point mail.yourservice.com at Mailgun’s servers and set some other value in DNS as anti-spam measures.

        I haven’t found anything to complain about yet. On outgoing emails, you can send via SMTP or POST requests. For incoming mails, there’s a decently sophisticated rules engine that can match recipient or header by regex queries and either forward to another email address, send as a HTTP POST request, or store on their servers to retrieve via API call later.

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          Yes, you can have multiple domains on a single account. And affirmative on the MX records. They have good instructions you can follow with a test to let you know when your DNS has been configured properly.

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        Are you looking to send emails lots of email from those domain or merely receive email at the domain like you would with something like gmail?

        Basically I’m not sure if you are looking for a SendGrid/Mailgun type solution or Gmail type solution. I think based on your comment and the mention of Zoho, you mean to send and receive a few emails under a given domain.

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          You are correct, I edited the question adding more detail.

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          If you are a fellow developer, you might find developermail.io being a fit. It’s configurable via Git and it’s supposed to be something like an “Heroku for email”.

          Disclaimer: I’m one of the creators.

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            Sendgrid have offers with at least one cloud provider (https://azuremarketplace.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/apps/SendGrid.SendGrid?tab=PlansAndPrice) that might cover your requirements. You didn’t say how many emails you need to send.

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              Who do you have your domains / hosting with? They might offer enough mailboxes to suit your needs, unless you’re needing to do transactional emails.

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                Amazon SES might suit you, since they charge for volume.

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                  FastMail with multiple domains. I set the profiles to respond from the email that it was sent to.

                  Certain emails that are higher volume, I have a rule that routes everything to that email to a specific inbox.

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                    I’ve setup postal on a server and it has been working well (enough) for side projects (my IP reputation is still not the best, it’s getting better).

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                      Depending on your comfort level with admin stuff (and laziness ;) you can always host it yourself (https://www.c0ffee.net/blog/mail-server-guide - seems to be a good guide). Multiple virtual domains and many mail boxes for about $5-$10 month on a VPS.

                      Edit: But I tend to use sendgrid for transactional emails.