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    Every QEventPoint has velocity. The Kalman filter that Qt Quick was using in Qt 5 has been moved to QtGui, so that the average velocity from the last few movements is available wherever the event is delivered. This enables velocity-sensitive behavior (such as distinguishing a slow drag from a quick flick, or responding to a particular direction of movement) regardless which device it comes from.

    This is pretty neat.

    Are there other open source GUI toolkits that work on desktop & native mobile that present the above info ? Seems like it is necessary to do more sophisticated touchscreen designs (eg musical digital instruments, games, graphing/drawing, etc)

    Another thought that I had: over the years working on mobile GUI, web UIs, I could see how the skills of distributed asynchronous programming I gained long time ago, are more in more translatable to the GUI work. Years ago, event queues, caching, velocity of event arrival, back pressure, multiple threads, were predominantly domain of distributed back-end development. Now, all this stuff is packed into modern GUI development as well.