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    Hey, it’s Wouter! I remember using (and loving) E on the Amiga back in the early 90’s! Brilliant guy. E was my favorite language to work in on the Amiga.

    Turns out he’s been plenty active since. Now he’s at Google, which is awesome. They’re lucky to have him.

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      Amiga-E for anyone wondering. I discovered it just a year or two ago trying to find all the systems-y languages. Even had inline assembly. Seems like Amiga crowd’s main contribution to space C/C++ are in.

      In your opinion, were there any big drawbacks to its design or implementation versus other languages of the time on popular platforms?

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        Oh it’s been twenty years since I last used E. It’s nothing but a fond memory now. I remember liking it more than C though (blasphemy!).

        The other languages I most often used on the Amiga were AMOS (a very nice BASIC with a lot of great features, though I mostly just dabbled in it with little games and such) and 68k assembly…obviously E was way better than either of those for most things.

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        And let’s not forget his Aardapel tree-rewriting concurrent visual language, which is still today a gold mine of interesting insights on different or lesser known programming paradigms.

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