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We have discussed-to-death what makes someone a 10x software developer, or a great programming team lead. But what makes someone a better-than-average QA director? What would you look for in an ideal boss?


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    Apologies for missing the boat on earlier discussions, but could you share a link to those around 10x devs/great leads?

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      I’m curious as well. I’ve been at a traditional waterfall-ish multinational corporation with QA directors, and that was a terrible experience. We had blocking bugs (as in not fulfilling our requirements) that were a decade old, which we couldn’t close to keep the customers happy yet they would never ever be fixed. Not sure what the QA managers actually did, tbh.

      I’ve been at two agile organizations without a single QA director. There the responsibility was pushed down in the organization(s) and the testers were generally trusted and were also given mandate to take some action if needed, either by reprio the backlog or call for meetings involving more senior product managers to decide what to do.