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What books did you read this year, and of them, which would you recommend (or recommend against)?

(I’m compiling my reading list for 2017, and I’m curious what other Lobsters(?) read this year that I might have missed.)


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    I also read a bunch of old Niven whose titles evade my memory. The Hammer? The Fleet of Worlds (A friend gave me a big box of Niven and Raynolds books, which is why I’ve read so many of those.)

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      Effective Debugging - Excellent light read

      The Fifth Discipline - this and design of design were very enlightening in terms of how groups interact and collaborate with each other personally & practically. I looked at it in the terms of a group around an open source project.

      Design of Design - I first heard about this book through PHK when he mentioned it in A Generation Lost in the Bazaar it made me realise how much information is lost through not being recorded and the impact of that down the line when investigating a problem. Made me appreciate what some communities have like PSARC from the Solaris>OpenSolaris>Illumos camp. History is important y'all! :)

      An Oral History of Unix - Transcripts from a series of interviews with the insane chown posse at Bell Labs.

      Currently reading the first edition of Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment, I’m reading the first edition because I’m interested in reading it how Stevens put it down before moving to the current edition to see what’s changed (in writing style)

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        Made me appreciate what some communities have like PSARC from the Solaris>OpenSolaris>Illumos camp.

        Too bad the Solaris cases (from both periods where it was closed source) are missing.

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          Ignoring the link I supplied, I thought they were published, when I wrote the previous post I was trying to find the Illumos repo but didn’t come across it. Bryan Cantrill mentioned the availability of the PSARC cases in a blog post earlier this year?

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            This is the archive in intended to link to it was mentioned in the following blog post

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              As you can see, the vast majority of PSARC cases are unpublished. It’s just a list of titles.

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        • The first half of Haskell Programming: From first principles : Great book on Haskell, leaves no stone unturned, planning to finish it in January
        • Yesod book: Covers enough of the yesod ecosystem to allow you to understand whats going on, but the haddock or stackage docs are better development companions in my opinion.
        • The first two books of the Book of the New Sun series: Great fantasy / science fiction series, first person, unreliable narrator, up there with lord of the rings in my opinion.
        • The Story of your Life: A wonderful short story on which is based the science fiction movie Arrival) (The director is from Quebec too!)
        • The Little Schemer : A classic, very fun introduction to recursion and scheme
        • Stand on Zanzibar : The whole read feels very chaotic? (The french word would be Cacaphonique), which perfectly conveys the themes of the book. (Near future, overpopulation, rest
        • The entirety of The Wheel of Time series: Such a long read! But the themes were interesting enough. I mostly reread it because I had started it as a kid and never finished it. It’s pretty slow in the middle, but I think Brandon Sanderson did a great job of finishing the series after Robert Jordan died.

        I also read a bunch of short stories from various authors, I just cant remember the titles right now.

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          Cryptonomicon I actually picked this up on an Audible credit as I wanted to read it for some time, but have had less success lately with reading a paper book than I’d like to admit. Plus audio books are fun!!! Great listen/read. 5/5 will continue to consume this genre of fiction.

          Elon Musk: Tesla, etc… biography Great, fairly quick read. Inspiring and insightful but nothing especially astounding. Just a good read.

          The Unix Administrator’s Handbook not so much read but cuddled with and learned from and grew with. A true friend, indeed.

          Anansi Boys Mmmm.. Neil, at it again. Tore through it in a few afternoons. Highly recommended, just read it.

          A Game of Thrones ASOIAF Yes, a long time coming. Lots of road-trip time to burn through this amazing fantasy novel, and give some context to the show.

          2001: A Space Odyssey – also long overdue but a good read on a business trip in early 2016.

          The Docker Book - Deep dive into Docker… I feel much more comfortable now that I have a fundamental and working knowledge! Great handbook.

          Testing Rails Another toolkit-specific guidebook that I highly suggest for those trying to get a grasp on BDD/TDD with Rails or in general!

          Beyond that, I started a new company and spent my first year entirely self-employed. It’s been a weird year, but personally I’ve probably grown more than ever.

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            The ASOIAF links to Google. And congrats on your company!

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            2016.01.14 James Gleick ISAAC NEWTON

            2016.01.14 James Gleick GENIUS

            2016.01.26 Ashlee Vance ELON MUSK

            2016.01.26 William Gibson THE PERIPHERAL

            2016.01.27 Thomas Pynchon THE CRYING OF LOT 49

            2016.01.27 Don DeLillo WHITE NOISE

            2016.02.03 Tom Clancy THE TEETH OF THE TIGER

            2016.02.12 Tom Robbins FIERCE INVALIDS HOME FROM HOT CLIMATES

            2016.02.12 Tom Clancy DEAD OR ALIVE

            2016.03.07 Peter L. Burgen MANHUNT

            2016.03.05 Fred Kaplan DARK TERRITORY

            2016.03.11 Glenn Greenwald NO PLACE TO HIDE

            2016.03.11 Tom Clancy LOCKED ON

            2016.03.15 Jon Gertner THE IDEA FACTORY: BELL LABS AND THE GREAT AGE OF AMERICAN INNOVATION ISBN-13 978-0143122791

            2016.03.21 Kevin Poulsen KINGPIN

            2016.03.21 Tim Weiner LEGACY OF ASHES

            2016.03.21 Steve Wozniak iWoz

            2016.04.01 Gene Wentz MEN IN GREEN FACES

            2016.05.04 Claudia Gray STAR WARS: BLOODLINE

            2016.05.05 Bill Grimes THE HISTORY OF BIG SAFARI

            2016.05.xx Tom Clancy THREAT VECTOR

            2016.06.06 Tom Clancy COMMAND AUTHORITY

            2016.06.06 Eric Prince CIVILLIAN WARRIORS

            2016.07.25 Vernor Vinge RAINBOWS END

            2016.07.26 Paul A. Suhler FROM RAINBOW TO GUSTO

            2016.07.27 William Gibson THE PERIPHERAL

            2016.08.08 Philip K Dick DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP

            2016.08.11 William Gibson DISTRUST THAT PARTICULAR FLAVOR

            2016.09.06 Philip K Dick VALIS

            2016.09.06 Philip K Dick RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH

            2016.10.xx Philip K Dick THE TRANSMIGRATION OF TIMOTHY ARCHER

            2016.10.xx Philip K Dick A SCANNER DARKLY

            2016.10.10 Henry Miller TROPIC OF CAPRICORN

            2016.10.11 Philip K Dick MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE

            2016.10.xx Mark Lucas, Alan Jude FREEBSD MASTERY: ZFS

            2016.10.xx Dave Sill QMAIL

            2016.10.xx Douglas Crockford JAVASCRIPT: THE GOOD PARTS

            2016.10.xx Paul M. Sammon FUTURE NOIR: THE MAKING OF BLADE RUNNER

            2016.11.xx Robert A. Heinlein REVOLT IN 2100

            2016.11.xx Robert A. Heinlein TIME ENOUGH FOR LOVE

            2016.12.05 Masha Gessen THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE

            2016.12.xx Philip Roth THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA

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              • Introduction to Political Philosophy, because I wanted to get a better understanding of politics from a philosophical standpoint,
              • 1984, because we’re heading in this direction,
              • Pocket Reference, for shameless reference because it’s a great reference book,
              • SQL Cookbook, purchased but did not read,
              • Meaning of Marxism, because I wanted to learn more about Marxism, though I did not finish this book,
              • The Emotion Behind Money, because I wanted to get a better understanding of finance, but this book was more of an emotional support, so I would not recommend reading this for better economical understandings. However, I did purchase,
              • Naked Economics, because I want to get a better understanding of economics, but I have yet to read this, as I am still finishing the first book listed, and last but not least,
              • Emotional Intelligence, while I was transferring flights at an airport because I thought it would be a great read. It turns out that it’s a compilation of good Harvard Business Review articles, which can be found using a well defined Google Search query.
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                On the technical side:

                On the non-technical side:

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                  Books and papers written in english:

                  27.12.2016; The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind; William Kamkwamba; 270; eng .epub; 9780061730320; Internet
                  16.12.2016; A closed and common orbit; Becky Chambers; 365; eng. epub; 978-0-062569424; Internet
                  10.10.2016; Zero point; Neal Asher; 564; eng. epub; 9780230750708; Internet
                  29.09.2016; The operating system: should there be one?; Stephen Kell; 7; eng. pdf; ; Internet
                  13.09.2016; The Improvement of Human Reason Exhibited in the Life of Hai Ebn Yokdhan; Ibn Tufail; 222; eng. epub; ; archive.org
                  05.09.2016; The Departure; Neal Asher; 498; eng. epub; 978-0-230-76170-4; Internet
                  29.08.2016; Eccentric Orbits: The Iridium Story; John Bloom; 537; Kniha v angličtině; 9780802121684; Zakoupená
                  25.08.2016; War factory; Neal Asher; 454; eng. epub; 9781597808347; Internet
                  24.07.2016; Rule 34; Charles Stross; 358; .epub; 9781841497730; Internet
                  06.07.2016; Planetary; Warren Ellis; 26x24; Komix; ; Internet
                  30.06.2016; Self; David Ungar, Randall B. Smith; 50; eng. pdf; ; bibliography.selflanguage.org
                  24.06.2016; A Simple and Unifying Approach to Subjective Objects; Randall B. Smith, David Ungar; eng. pdf; 27; ; bibliography.selflanguage.org
                  23.06.2016; Programming as an Experience: The Inspiration for Self; Randal B. Smith, David Ungar; 28; eng. pdf; ; bibliography.selflanguage.org
                  22.06.2016; self includes: Smalltalk; Mario Wolczko; 14; eng. pdf; ; bibliography.selflanguage.org
                  22.06.2016; The Self-4.0 User Interface: Manifesting a System-wide Vision of Concretness, Uniformity, and Flexibility; Randall B. Smith, John Maloney, David Ungar; 14; eng. pdf; ; bibliography.selflanguage.org
                  22.06.2016; Constructing a Metacircular Virtual Machine in an Exploratory Programming Environment; David Ungar, Adam Spitz, Alex Auch; 10; eng. pdf; ; bibliography.selflanguage.org
                  21.06.2016; Experiencing SELF Objects: An Object-Based Artificial Reality; Bay-Wei Chang, David Ungar; 12; eng. pdf; ; bibliography.selflanguage.org
                  21.06.2016; Getting Close to Objects: Object-Focused Programming Environments; Bay-Wei Chang, David Ungar, Randall B. Smith; 8; eng. pdf; ; bibliography.selflanguage.org
                  19.06.2016; Parents are Shared Parts of Objects: Inheritance and Encapsulation in SELF; Craig Chambers, David Ungar, Bay-Wei Chang, Urs Hölzle; 16; eng. pdf; ; bibliography.selflanguage.org
                  19.06.2016; Annotating Objects for Transport to Other Worlds; David Ungar; 15; eng. pdf; ; bibliography.selflanguage.org
                  19.06.2016; A Simple, Symmetric, Subjective Foundation for Object-, Aspect- and Context-Oriented Programming; Harold Ossher, David Ungar, Dough Kimelman; 4; eng .pdf; ; bibliography.selflanguage.org
                  19.06.2016; Mirrors: Design Principles for Meta-level Facilities of Object-Oriented Programming Languages; Gilad Bracha, David Ungar; 14; eng .pdf; ; bibliography.selflanguage.org
                  18.06.2016; Sifting Out the Gold; Ole Agesen, Davind Ungar; 16; eng. pdf; ; bibliography.selflanguage.org
                  04.06.2016; Unethical Research: How to Create a Malevolent Artificial Intelligence; Federico Pistono, Roman V. Yampolskiy; 7; eng. pdf; ; arxiv.org
                  27.05.2016; Attack of the Clones; James Noble, Brian Foote; 16; eng. pdf; ; bibliography.selflanguage.org
                  18.05.2016; Dark Intelligence; Neal Asher; 416; eng. epub; 9780230750722; Internet
                  10.05.2016; Organizing Programs Without Classes; David Ungar, Craig Chambers, Bay-wei Chang, Urs Hölzle; 20; eng. pdf; ; bibliography.selflanguage.org
                  10.05.2016; Animation: From Cartoons to the User Interface; Bay-Wei Chang, David Ungar; 11; eng. pdf; ; bibliography.selflanguage.org
                  06.05.2016; Directness and Liveness in the Morphic User Interface Construction Environment; John H. Maloney, Randall B. Smith; 8; eng. pdf; ; bibliography.selflanguage.org
                  03.05.2016; Self Handbook Documentation; Russel Allen; 150; Kniha v angličtině; ; lulu.com
                  02.05.2016; In the Mouth of the Whale; Paul McAuley; 352; eng .epub; 9780575100732; Internet
                  06.04.2016; The Soul of a New Machine; Tracy Kidder; 293; eng .epub; 978-0-316-20455-2; Internet
                  18.03.2016; Mechanicum; Graham McNeill; 416; eng .epub; 9781844166060; Internet
                  03.03.2016; Dreaming in code; Scott Rosenberg; 312; eng .epub; 978-0-307-38144-6; Internet
                  03.03.2016; SELF: The Power of Simplicity; David Ungar, Randal B. Smith; 20; eng .pdf; ; bibliography.selflanguage.org
                  25.02.2016; Seveneves; Neal Stephenson; 867; Kniha v angličtině; 978-0-00-813252-1; Zapůjčená
                  04.02.2016; Reamde; Neal Stephenson; 1044; Kniha v angličtině; 9781848874510; Dárek

                  The rest may be found here http://kitakitsune.org/raw/doctene_knihy.txt