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    Does anyone actually still use OpenStack? Used it at work 2013-2017 and I don’t have great memories. It got the job done (usually) but was incredibly finicky to keep running and updates were a real pain.

    Some time later than 2017 some single person told me it has supposedly improved, but that’s all I ever heard about it again.

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      I was a PTL for two projects in the OpenStack ecosystem (including openstack-chef) and oooh boy it was always hella harder than it needed to be to set up.

      Part of why I wanted to share this article was that if you step through it it’s insanely easier now to get going, a couple install commands which is pretty neat. If you see the conclusion though, the author sums it up as a good experiment, and “too slow.”

      I have some hooks still in the OpenStack community, they have gone whole hog into Telcos now, and #openstack-* on freenode is still kicking pretty soilditly.

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      Wouldn’t recommend using Wi-Fi, also the article is mostly just a collection of links to the openstack docs (for and old version)…