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    I’ve been thinking about team problem-solving for some time. One thing that folks need to remember is that first comes the general feeling that something’s messed up. Only later – and sometimes never – comes an adequate description of what it is. After that, if the team makes it that far, they can start working on fixing things.

    That needs mentioning because the things we focus on with retros aren’t any of those things. We focus on fun, on openness, on safety, on repetition (or not). We focus on a bunch of other things that are easy to observe.

    Don’t get me wrong: those other things are important. They’re necessary. They’re just not necessary and sufficient. I think by focusing on how the retros make us feel we’re probably completely missing the most important part: whether they’re actually doing what they’re supposed to be doing or not.

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      Okay, I‘m gonna be honest: I first thought that this article is about „snowflakes“ in retros. The content of the article is great, but the title could be misleading not just for me. The author might consider renaming it. (This is just a suggestion and I don’t want to get political nor do I have an interest in discussing this further)