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    I’m really excited about this news. While I don’t plan on using Atom, I was really worried that it was going to see major adoption, only to be eventually abandoned. Now that it’s fully open-source, it can grow into it’s own community.

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      I still have yet to hear what differentiates Atom from Sublime Text. Thus far it just seems like an open source Sublime written in Javascript. Can anyone fill me in on what may attract users to it as opposed to Sublime?

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        If it is anything like Adobe Brackets, being in HTML5 will be somewhat attractive for some people. It’s something like “could potentially run in a browser tomorrow” and “you can edit its source code with itself and just refresh”.

        The only thing I really care about though is being Open Source. We all love Sublime Text, but as conroy said.. what if it gets abandoned?

        Also, as a occasional FreeBSD user, the author of ST not being interested in having a FreeBSD version means we’ll never get one as opposed to Atom where someone could port it (like they do with Chromium).

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        I love (and paid for!) Sublime Text, however I’m afraid that it will follow the path of previous closed source solutions. To me this means getting massive amounts of features that no one wants, or worse being abandoned (see TextMate). The only way to combat both of these is to open the source fully and let the community nurture and grow the platform.

        For these reasons I’m very happy that Github decided to open source Atom. It means that if I choose to start using it I can be comfortable in the knowledge that I can continue to use it in the future, even if Github stops developing it. The big question is whether it will get enough traction and polish to replace ST for my code slinging ways. :)

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          TextMate is not abandoned. Infact you can build it yourself. https://github.com/textmate/textmate. The last commit was 9 days ago.

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          Does anyone know how it compares to Adobe Brackets? They seem to have very similar architecture and goals, but brackets was already open source yesterday and is already cross platform today.

          The main reason I ask is that I just put in a few days creating my first Brackets extension and wondering if I should jump ship while it’s still early.

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            Unless I am have missed something Adobe Brackets is more aimed at html,javascript & css where Atom is more of an all around text editor.

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            Is anyone out there using Atom as their primary editor? I’d love to hear something from that point of view.