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Useful as a proposed solution to the poor quality comment problem (although an invitation-only system is another one). It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


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    In other words, if you don’t conform to HN groupthink, you get throttled. That will promote good discussion, right?

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      For a startup community, there are some seemingly heavy handed things that happen there: hell-banning, hidden mods, privilege classes of users, and now this. I can imagine with all the celebrity of YC, there ends up being a lot of spam and craziness. This still “feels” very exclusionary to me though.

      I guess if nothing else, this could be an interesting experiment.

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        “Could be”? The experiment has run, and the result is right here. On this site, my comment gets upvoted. Had I posted the same thing to HN, it would have been deleted.

        But of course I wouldn’t post it to HN. I’m hellbanned and slowbanned for having posted prohibited opinions.

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          I marked yor comment as “troll” and would not have approved it on hn. It lacked any useful information and was nothing more than an inflamatory rant. That it got so many upvotes makes me wonder where the groupthink is.

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            Why do you say it was a troll comment? It expresses exactly what many of us feel concisely. Just because it doesn’t go into 3 paragraphs and 5 sources doesn’t mean it’s not useful. And that is exactly why I am against you having power to moderate comments on any forum I read.

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              “Why do you say it was a troll comment?”

              It lacked any useful information and was nothing more than an inflammatory rant.

              Sorry if I did not make that clear.

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          I don’t think that there’s anything about “startups” that precludes a toxic environment. I enjoyed YC, and I like Paul, but his hammer is startups, and he sees nails everywhere. Too, he’s not the world’s most introspective guy. Like any charismatic, he attracts a lot of smaller personalities who are even less likely to think hard, and internet message boards are not places that encourage empathy or reflection.

          I don’t think there’s a technical solution to the problem that they’re trying to solve over there – there are only so many tweaks and nudges available to try and reshape culture.

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            Maybe it was all an experiment from the start. Kind of a soft Milgram. The full HN logs may be rich with insights into what happens when you give parts of a community power over other parts.

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          Wow. This will kill (kill, kill, kill) old discussions. A day after posting a comment, I had people ask me if I was the tedu they thought I was. Knowing this, I would never reply.

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            I still don’t think that moderation solves the quality of comments problem. Rather it just reinforces a particular opinion that is reiterated by most popular users.

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              Hello, lobste.rs. I don’t know your protocols yet, but I am officially done with hacker news as a community. HN used to be about links that challenged and inspired me. I had an account for over 2200 days but never felt like I was part of the community. I predict this latest change will be reverted, but I know now that PG does not want me in his forum.

              I promise to post only links and comments that I feel are worthy of your time and to never care about karma, troll, or make a comment comprised solely of the word “this”.

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                or make a comment comprised solely of the word “this”.

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                It’s an interesting potential solution to the issue that HN faces (which is that they have many smart people who think each other are idiots). I don’t know that you can “fix” an intellectual pissing contest with endorsements and still keep a large active community. I think they will lose many users who will go elsewhere (and this may be a good thing for them).

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                  Will be interesting to check this after a few days:


                  Will we get another spike in new users like Jan 6 or Feb 17?

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                    Do you know what those dates correlate to?

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                      Jan 6 I believe was an HN outage. I think Feb 17 corresponds to this HN thread.

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                    If you aren’t an approved commenter and you post a comment, you can’t post another comment until the first one is approved (or expires and is deleted in 24 hours).

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                      The limit has now been raised to 5 “in-flight” comments at the same time.

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                      It seems that this is a thing that moderators can turn on for certain threads: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7449857

                      While I still don’t think having pending comments is a good idea, and there’s potential for abuse with both a full and limited system, it’s better than having every comment need to be approved.

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                        It’s significant that PG is going to stop running HN soon.

                        It’s the end of an era. It’s also hard to imagine it won’t lead to a change in personality for the service over time.