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    I wonder if there’s enough Kotlin-related content to justify creating a kotlin tag. Gotta admit it makes me kind of sad to see this tagged as java (especially since a big focus of the last several Kotlin releases has been support for non-JVM environments) but there’s no better alternative at the moment.

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      And we are still on kotlin 1.3 mostly because our code is not fully compatible.

      What is more, there are some breakages with kotest - if I remember correctly, there is no version working with kotlin 1.3 and 1.4.

      It sure doesn’t help that we are using experimental unsigned types (our fault) that have some binary incompatiblity issues.

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        I really hope they keep improving Kotlin/Native, it’s one of the ideas with the most potential. However, right now is not yet ready

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          Have they sorted out the memory management and threading situation, or is that still “we’ll break the world every release until we find something that sticks”? Because I’m super excited about the idea of Kotlin/Native, but the third or fourth time they redefined such core stuff, I decided to check out for awhile.