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      I happened upon this interesting library while researching roguelike gamedev. It has some very interesting examples and I thought it would be of interest to others here.

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      For someone who wants to learn I found this very nice tutorial video which is based on this tutorial for libtcod. I like it a lot because it cuts to the chase, but the output is very easy to understand and adapt.

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        That does look very nice. Someone else also pointed me to this tutorial by the people behind Zircon an tile game engine for Rust. Zircon looks to have a lot more features than libtcod and is native Rust rather than C bindings so you may find it of interest :)

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          Zircon looks like it’s written in Kotlin/Java (same with the tutorial) – were you thinking of a different engine?

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            Oh… you’re right Zircon is Java. I seem to have confused it with something else but I am unsure what due to that being on a different computer.