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    Is it weird that I’m hoping the source code is all made public? It’s so hard to find modern enterprise production codebases; most people only have access to the code from whatever company they work for. I’d like to study it!

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      You wouldn’t steal a car

      You wouldn’t steal a handbag

      You wouldn’t steal a television

      You wouldn’t steal a movie

      Downloading pirated source code is stealing,

      stealing is against the law,


      No, it’s not weird ; I’m mildly curious too. I’d be surprised if it’s made public very soon ; it’s probably for sale somewhere… :)

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        Depending on what you’re looking for it might be not too hard to come by.

        A while ago almost all Twitch source code was leaked. 125 Gb. Mostly Ruby/Rails, IIRC.

        GitLab is pretty much completely open source.

        GitHub’source protection used to be (it probably still is but it used to be, too) token. Google/duck/whatever: deobfuscate GitHub Enterprise. A relatively clean bog standard Rails app.

        Back in the days almost complete Windows source code was leaked. I’m sure it’s still out there somewhere if you’re into that sort of things.

        A few AAA games with source were leaked, too.

        I’m sure this list is incomplete.

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          Surely it’s floating around somewhere on the net by now

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