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    Most problems are not solved by cutesy writing either. This is an opinion piece that disguises itself as an analysis.

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      I really feel that many problems are solved, but not well documented, or at least the books and articles are still very obscure.

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      It’s clever writing… Does it lead to positive results? There’s no disputing the values of the values it’s espousing, but it doesn’t offer a lot in terms of concrete suggestions for how to organize better.

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        That’s how I felt, too. Some catchy parts in there, though; I liked “process is the scar tissue of past failures”.

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        The article is worth it if only for pointing out this tweet

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          It’s funny, I think that, too. But what is this adding beyond that? I’d like to read better ideas. I believe people are trying a lot ideas like staging, containers, reproducable builds, … We also have to consider what kind of software a ompany is creating: software that ships to customers or software that is pushed to a server.j