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40% off ebook version with code DSWDCLOJ3COMPLETE

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    On this subject, I think the addition of low latency garbage collectors to the JVM (Shenandoah and ZGC) has made JVM applications super attractive again for networked services. People who use Clojure tend to really like it so I’m glad there is still a lot going on in the community.

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      Just grabbed a copy to replace my 1st edition, thanks!

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        Hopefully the new content is gonna prove useful. :)

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          I bought it a fairly long time ago to help me get started on a personal project but ended up not having enough free time to work on it, so now I’ll be swinging back around and I’m sure it will help. Just gotta’ set aside some time to get back into personal projects.

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        how can i buy this ebook from india ( my card was rejected in pragprog)

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          Unfortunately, I’m not in the loop regarding how sales work with pragprog. I was under impression that it was global though.