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    It’s been over 20 years and I still can’t follow which Debian release has which name. What a persistently dumb convention. Pure downside.

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      I’ve always found it difficult to remember the name to release number mapping, but I’ve also frequently seen people mix up release names, e.g. there was squeeze, wheezy, jessie, and at some point after wheezy or jessie I kept hearing people refer to “squeezy” :-)

      I find the Ubuntu release names much worse. I usually refer to it by number because their names are just so stupid.

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        Oh, I suppose this has merit but I still love the playfulness of naming them after Toy Story characters

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          Yep. If they had to use names at least use some that are guessable - like Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon

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          Is it weird that I look forward to these releases but still mostly stay pinned to testing in my sources file?

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            Not necessarily, because as soon as buster is stable, more updates should be expected, since the freeze will be over.

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              Rule 1 of tracking testing: Don’t for the love of all that’s holy track testing in the weeks immediately following a release. Any other time, it’s probably more stable than anything else out there but things can get a bit hairy as all the pent up changes that have been held back for the stable release flood into the pool.

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                I don’t know, I’ve been pinned to testing for years and I’ve never had a problem.