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    Who's hiring? Q4Y2021 job

It’s September already! Time for a next quarter and new jobs!


Company: XXXXXX

Company site: XXXXX

Position(s): XXXXXX

Location: XXXXXX (please specify whether REMOTE or ONSITE)

Description: XXXX

Tech stack: XXXXXX

Contact: XXXXXX

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    Company: Adacore

    Company site: https://www.adacore.com/

    Positions: GNU Toolchain developer, Static Analysis engineer, DevSecOps developer, Services Engineer, Infrastructure Software Engineer, Technical Marketing Engineer

    Location: We’ve got offices in New-York, Bristol, Paris, Grenoble, Vannes, Toulouse, Tallinn and probably a few other cities that I can’t remember right now. Some of the positions can be/are remote.

    Description: AdaCore is the company behind GNAT, the Ada compiler based on GCC. We have a lot of tools that revolve around the Ada ecosystem (build systems, IDEs, formal proof systems, static analyzers…). What we build is open-source and we make money from selling support, trainings, certification…

    Tech stack: It’s very varried and depends a lot on the position. There’s Ada, C, C++, Ocaml, Python…

    Contact: Please go through the website :)

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      I sent my CV a while ago and got a straight rejection; could it be that it’s because I paused my university studies and haven’t graduated yet?

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        Sorry to hear that. I’m not part of the HR pipeline so I have no idea why you might have been rejected (I only see CVs when HR wants me to interview someone). Have you tried replying to the rejection email and asking for the reason why you were rejected? I always do this - I sometimes get valuable feedback out of it.

        If you did ask for a reason and were ignored, please PM your name and I’ll investigate for you.

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          Thank you for your reply! No I didn’t ask since I thought it wasn’t worth it; plus I purge my job email folder for non-ongoing stuff so I don’t have the email to reply to it now. But it’s ok :)

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      Company: Tensil.ai

      Company site: https://www.tensil.ai/

      Position(s): We’re a very small, early stage team. Currently we are working with our first major partners to deliver a machine vision inference architecture for low-end FPGA platforms, with plans to expand into other platforms and applications. We’re looking for hardware architects, especially those with FPGA expertise.

      Location: SF Bay Area or remote

      Description: Tensil automates machine learning hardware accelerator design. Our goal is to enable ML in every device. We’ve developed an algorithm that can design the best hardware accelerator for your machine learning model, unlocking 10x better performance per watt-dollar than GPUs and other accelerators. Our technology enables our customers to create unbeatable products with Tensil custom hardware at the core.

      Tech stack: Chisel (https://www.chisel-lang.org/), Verilog, AXI, AXI Streams, PCIe, USB, Xilinx Vivado (especially Zynq family)

      Contact: contact@tensil.ai

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        Chisel in a business setting! Very cool!

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          Are you able to share why you chose Chisel? We’re using BlueSpec, We considered Chisel back when the BlueSpec compiler was proprietary and expensive. The F/OSS compiler seemed to be the only advantage of Chisel over BlueSpec, and now the BlueSpec compiler is permissively licensed.

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            We chose Chisel more by accident than by careful deliberation. When the project began we were playing with Chisel and so it became the natural choice.

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          Company: okTurtles Foundation

          Company site: https://okturtles.org/

          Position(s): JS Protocol Developer / Infosec Developer with $2k referral bounty, Node.js Dev, Technical Writer, Fundraiser / Marketer

          Location: 100% Remote

          Description: The okTurtles Foundation’s mission is supporting beneficial decentralization technologies. Our current focus is our Group Income project – an efficient, fair, decentralized Basic Income system for small self-chosen groups.

          Tech stack: Node.js, Javascript, Vue.js and a new kind of software framework

          Contact: See job postings for instructions. Contact hi@okturtles.org with questions.

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            Company: Avenue

            Company site: https://avenue.so/

            Position(s): Software Engineer (Backend & Fullstack)

            Location: New York City, NY, USA

            Description: Avenue’s mission is to help scale the next generation of ops-driven companies. We’re building an observability platform for ops teams (think Sentry/PagerDuty but for ops). We let non-technical teams set up alerts & incident response from their database or data warehouse. We’re backed by Accel, YC, Elad Gil, Flexport, and many others.

            Tech stack: React, Typescript, Prisma, Tailwind, Docker, k8s, AWS

            Contact: jobs@useavenue.com

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              Company: Evergreen Smart Power

              Company site: https://evergreensmartpower.co.uk/

              Position(s): Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer

              Location: Remote UK or Manchester onsite

              Description: We are building a Virtual Power Plant system out of fleets of smart devices, primarily electric vehicle charge points, but also including home batteries, heat pumps, immersion heaters and other high-load devices. Our aim is to reduce the carbon intensity of the UK grid, and reduce cost of energy for consumers, by introducing demand-side flexibility. We have been a key player in a UK government trial project and currently have a number commercial partnerships with smart electric vehicle companies.

              Tech stack:

              • TypeScript (all production code is strict TS; see our linter config)
              • Node.js
              • Docker
              • AWS (Lambda, CloudFormation, DynamoDB, ECS, CodePipeline)
              • Python for scripting and dev tools

              Contact: Email careers@evergreensmartpower.co.uk with your CV and a quick comment about what interests you about the role, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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                Company: Odoo SA

                Company site: https://www.odoo.com/jobs

                Position(s): Software Developers, Technical Consultants, Mobile Developers, Security Experts, …

                Location: Belgium. Remote is accepted during COVID19. In the long term, the remote option will depend on the team.

                Description: Odoo is a suite of open source business apps that cover all your company needs: CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc. Odoo’s unique value proposition is to be at the same time very easy to use and fully integrated.

                Tech stack: Python, Javascript

                Contact: jobs@odoo.com

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                  Company: Near Earth Autonomy

                  Company site: https://www.nearearth.aero/

                  Position(s): Sr. full stack software engineer (UI/UX)

                  Location: Pittsburgh PA or Seattle WA

                  Description: We are building autonomy systems for rotor aircraft, ranging from small drones for inspection and surveying to full size helicopters for transporting cargo and humans, and everything in between. The market is heating up this year and there will be more and more work being put into creating useful user interfaces and tools for people who aren’t robotics engineers to be able to use, control and get feedback when using these systems. We need someone who can take the lead on designing and creating these things.

                  Tech stack: Linux, C++, Python, ROS, now a tiny smidge of Rust. Whatever gets the job done.

                  Contact: Apply online, email careers@nearearth.aero , or message me here for more info and/or if you want a referral.

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                    I’m keeping my eye on NEA! You’re doing some cool stuff.

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                    Company: Bitnomial

                    Company site: https://bitnomial.com/jobs/

                    Positions: Software Engineer, Frontend Software Engineer

                    Location: US - REMOTE

                    Description: We’re a CFTC-regulated derivatives exchange all written in Haskell. Our first products are Bitcoin futures and options. We use ansible and terraform for our operations automation. Trading industry experience is a plus. Check out some of our open source projects at https://github.com/bitnomial

                    We’re most interested in the Frontend Software Engineer role at the moment: https://bitnomial.com/jobs/#frontend-software-engineer

                    Tech stack: Haskell, Typescript/React, Postgres, Ansible, Terraform, AWS

                    Contact: careers@bitnomial.com

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                      Company: Render

                      Company site: https://render.com


                      Location: San Francisco, CA and/or Remote

                      Description: At Render we are building a powerful, easy-to-use cloud platform to host anything online: from simple static sites to complex applications with dozens of microservices. Render offers the flexibility of traditional cloud providers without their complexity and maintenance headaches, so developers and businesses can focus on building delightful products instead of managing servers.

                      Tech stack:

                      • Go
                      • Kubernetes
                      • JS / Node.js for front-end

                      Contact: Apply through job descriptions linked above, email me, or Twitter DM. Happy to chat about the role/company/my experience candidly (I’m a Developer Advocate and not the hiring manager for these positions).

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                        Company: CyberArk - Conjur Team

                        Company site: https://www.conjur.org/

                        Position: Senior Software Engineer

                        Location: USA (REMOTE)

                        Description: Our primary product is Conjur, an enterprise secrets vault and privilege engine for DevOps, Cloud and IaaS built upon our open source core. Engineers work on a wide variety of projects, from integrations with DevOps tools to moonshot projects that seek to revolutionize the world of DevOps security.

                        Tech stack: Ruby+Rails, Golang, Postgres, Docker+k8s, AWS

                        Contact: https://careers.cyberark.com/job/Senior-Software-Engineer/708008901/ (big bonus points for completing the puzzle instead of applying directly), or message me.

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                          Company: The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia - Department of Biomedical and Health Informatics

                          Company site: https://dbhi.chop.edu

                          Positions: Software Engineer

                          Location: Philadelphia, PA, however currently remote

                          Description: This role will work with a team of software engineers and bioinformatics scientists focused on architecting and implementing optimized data services, interfaces, and integrations for ‘omics data (genomics, proteomics, etc).

                          We are looking for highly creative people who share our mission to advance child health and who will thrive in a continuous learning environment, acquiring and applying both new technical skills and biomedical domain knowledge. Existing bioinformatics knowledge is not required as long as you are willing to learn!

                          Tech stack: Go, Python, Kubernetes, GCP, AWS (however, we encourage other tech where it makes sense)

                          Contact: Apply through the link SWE link above, or message me directly to ask questions

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                            Company: Deref

                            Company site: https://www.deref.io/

                            We’re seed funded by some fantastic folks. See: https://www.deref.io/company

                            Position(s): Founding engineer. Looking primarily for “full stack” folks, but also interested in frontend or developer-relations specializations with DevOps experience.

                            Location: REMOTE (US, Canada, UK, potential flexibility to others)

                            CEO is located in the Seattle, WA, USA area.


                            You would be working on https://github.com/deref/exo – which is currently a development environment manager and log viewer, but is growing to be something more like a platform-as-a-sevice built on infrastructure-as-code technology.

                            Competitive salary, generous equity.

                            Tech stack: Go, TypeScript, Svelte

                            Contact: jobs@deref.io

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                              Company: Picnic

                              Company site: https://picnic.chat

                              Position(s): Senior Software Engineer

                              Location: London, UK - onsite or remote (±5h of GMT+1) - we mostly work remote, but also meet in the office for strategy/planning/workshops that make more sense in person.

                              Description: Our friends matter to us more than we think. The quantity and quality of our friendships has a bigger influence on health, happiness and even mortality than anything except smoking. At Picnic, we believe the platforms that house these relationships today fall seriously short. Nowhere is this more true than group chats. We’re building a next-gen social app, powered by group chat, to give friends the kind of online space they deserve.

                              We’re still pre-launch, so check out our about us page for more details about the product, team & funders.

                              Our engineering team (led by me) currently consists of 3 people, so you’ll have major impact from day one.

                              Tech stack:

                              • TypeScript everywhere
                              • React Native for our app, MobX (& some RxJS) for state management
                              • Node.js server-side with Express & RSocket servers
                              • PostgreSQL as our primary data store
                              • SQLite for on-device storage & caching
                              • Redis for caching & pubsub

                              More details and reasoning behind these choices here.

                              Contact: Our hiring process is described in detail on the job spec, but feel free to reach out to me directly on here or harry@picnic.ventures :)

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                                I was interested in the various links, but the ones to notion (e.g. this one) all 404 for me. Do I need a notion account to view them?

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                                  Ah, my apologies! Here are the public links:

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                                Company: DeepSource

                                Company site: https://deepsource.io


                                • Software Engineer, Platform Engineering (Go, Python, Vue/Nuxt)
                                • Software Engineer, Static Analysis (specialized in any one of: Rust, Ruby, Java, JS, C#, etc.)
                                • See https://careers.deepsource.io

                                Location: ONSITE: Bangalore, India; non-engineering roles in San Francisco, US

                                Description: DeepSource is a platform for automated code reviews using static analysis; backed by Y Combinator.

                                We build and maintain a bunch of in-house analyzers for various languages (Go, Ruby, JS, Rust (coming soon!), Python, Java, etc.) We solve a lot of exciting engineering problems on the daily — from PLT mumbo jumbo to building reliable and efficient systems to run our various analyzers.

                                Tech stack: Most of the platform services are in Python and Go. Static analysis tools are well, in their own languages. Everything runs on Kubernetes.

                                Contact: You can apply through the careers page linked above, or email me: anirudh@deepsource.io. I’ll pass on your details. Feel free to email me if you don’t see a role that you’d like.

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                                  Company: Exoscale

                                  Company site: https://exoscale.com

                                  Position(s): Software engineer, SRE working on either distributed systems or lower level systems engineering

                                  Location: Remote anywhere in Europe or Onsite in Lausanne Switzerland

                                  Description: Exoscale provides a complete infrastructure as a service experience with a focus on simplicity, scalability, and safe defaults. We are gearing up to improve our block storage offering as well as our VPC capacity which involves compulsing existing academic work, designing and testing distributed systems, as well as requires an aptitude for mechanical sympathy on the systems engineering side.

                                  Tech stack: Clojure at the orchestration layer, Golang for workload local software, a few exceptions here and there where mandated. MySQL, Kafka, and FoundationDB for the bulk of storage needs

                                  Contact: pyr@exoscale.com

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                                    Company: Fourier Audio

                                    Company site: fourieraudio.com

                                    Position: Founding Full-Stack Engineer

                                    Location: London or Remote


                                    Fourier Audio is revolutionising the way audiences experience audio by reinventing the tools used by designers to shape sound for live productions.

                                    We’re an early-stage UK pro-audio startup, looking for a seriously excellent full-stack lead engineer driven by a desire to build seriously excellent pro-audio products. We want someone with an eye for detail, who relishes the challenge of a wide remit with scope to innovate. We believe in freedom & responsibility; working with excellent people and letting them be excellent.

                                    You’ll join as employee #3 in a focused and driven team intent on changing the (live audio) world.

                                    Tech stack: Rust, Typescript (Electron+React) & ChucK.

                                    Contact: Details on the website, or feel free to get in touch with me directly with any questions :) (e-mail in profile, include lobsters in subject)

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                                      Company: DATATRONiQ GmbH

                                      Company site: https://datatroniq.com


                                      • React/Typescript web developers
                                      • Go/C/C++ developers
                                      • Linux & Kubernetes admins

                                      Location: Berlin, Stuttgart, and remote

                                      Description: We are a small team (tech: 10) applying ML to streaming data from manufacturing machines. We provide connectors for acquiring high-res (100-10000Hz) data from PLC and other devices; we also support and manage tools for data transfer (on-prem, cloud), time-series data exploration, and training machine learning models. Our stack has open-source software in many places (storage, messages processing, and runtime (K8s)) and we self-host Gitlab + CI, but we developed everything around dashboards, meta-data/schema registry, in-stream data processing, and a number micro-services (I have read quite a bit of highly-critical sentiment - for us they work well, containers w/ standardized APIs for logging, metrics & life-cycle management) ourselves.

                                      While typically in our industry (and b2b in general) things often move a bit slower and eagerness for newer tech is rare, we are lucky since Industrial IoT is quickly leaving the trough of disillusionment and our customers expect data to really make an impact on their business (deeper insight to improve, efficiency in general) demand is very high.

                                      We are looking for people who are good with managing servers, know Linux well and want to get into Kubernetes or more experienced with it (we have been using K8s in production for two years). We are also looking for developers who like C/Go/Python/Typescript and are comfortable working in a team. We have good tools and decent development workflow (CI, container registry; regular code reviews; mostly organized issue board).

                                      Tech stack:

                                      • Kubernetes, Golang (Operators!)
                                      • Python, Scala for Data Processing and ML
                                      • Typescript, React, Koa, Express for Dashboard

                                      Contact: I am a co-founder and tech lead, just write to me directly jw (…) datatroniq.com

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                                        Company: Mutual Knowledge Systems, Inc. (MuKn)

                                        Company site: https://mukn.io/

                                        Position(s): Glow language developer

                                        Location: Remote

                                        Description: MuKn (pronounced “moon”) is looking to extend its development team. We are implementing Glow (https://glow-lang.org), an open-source domain-specific language to build Decentralized Applications (DApps). Glow simplifies DApp development by offering higher-level abstractions than standard solutions (e.g., Solidity) and a “write once, run on- and off-chain” workflow.

                                        Specific problems we need to solve in the very near term include (a) implementing monadic blockchain infrastructure in Rust (malleable transactions), and (b) augmenting our compiler with formal verification of contract properties. We are looking for experienced developers who can work autonomously, but know when to ask for help. For (a) Rust experience is a must, and (b) requires a strong background in compilers, formal verification, and modal logic. We like publishing our results, so one or both of these projects could result in journal papers.

                                        Glow’s metalanguage is Gerbil Scheme (https://cons.io), but we use other languages where necessary, including JavaScript, Haskell, and Rust. Some background in Lisp, Scheme, or a purely functional family would be helpful, but is not required; experience with language design and implementation is also a plus. Other relevant domains include: blockchains, smart contract technologies (e.g., the EVM and also (E)UTxO models), distributed systems, cryptographic protocols, information security, economic modelling, game theory, automated theorem proving, and zero-knowledge proofs.

                                        Tech stack: Gerbil Scheme, Haskell, Rust, JavaScript, EVM

                                        Contact: jobs@mukn.io

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                                          Company: Icon Systems, Inc.

                                          Company site: https://iconcmo.com

                                          Position: Full-stack web developer

                                          Location: Moorhead, Minnesota — on site

                                          Description: Icon Systems does management software for churches and non-profits, keeping track of people, donations, and fund accounting. We’re a (very) small team, so everyone does a bit of everything. We’ve been serving churches since the early 90s, and are now looking for another full stack web developer to join our team in northwestern Minnesota.

                                          Tech stack: PHP & JavaScript

                                          Contact: see website or message me

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                                            Company: Chronosphere

                                            Company site: https://chronosphere.io

                                            Positions: Senior Engineers of all stripes (Frontend, Distributed Storage, Infrastructure, Platform), Engineering Managers (use the contact info)

                                            Location: US Remote and EU Remote (can only hire in Lithuania, Germany, Ukraine, and Poland)

                                            Description: Chronosphere’s observability product is built on top of a proven-at-scale metrics engine (M3) developed and open sourced by the founding team while they were at Uber. We’re hiring across the board for our Distributed Storage, Cloud Platform, and Infrastructure engineering teams. You’ll be working with Matt Mihic, our Global Head of Engineering, who previously led engineering at Okta, Square, and Uber.

                                            Tech Stack: Typescript, React, Golang, Kubernetes, GCP, M3

                                            Contact: Natalie, Technical Recruiting natalie@chronosphere.io

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                                              Company: PingThings
                                              Company Site: https://pingthings.io
                                              Positions: DevOps, Senior Software Engineer
                                              Location: Remote, USA timezone preferred

                                              Description: We’re building a data analytics platform for the power industry. We’ve got a custom high performance time series database, deployed in a Kubernetes environment, and we’re looking for engineers. We’re hiring for multiple positions, but our top priority right is devops. We’re looking for Linux system administration and Kubernetes experience to help us build and scale our deployments.

                                              Tech Stack: Go, Kubernetes.

                                              Contact: Email jobs@pingthings.io or ori@pingthings.io with your CV.

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                                                Company: FORME Life

                                                Company site: https://formelife.com

                                                Position(s): front-end, back-end, firmware, devops, technical program manager, QA, design/ux, and more – please look

                                                Location: San Francisco or Los Angeles preferred, but remote okay

                                                Description: We have lots of roles open. It’s an exciting time for us. We have successfully launched the Studio, which is an at-home training experience that doubles as an elegant full-length mirror. Coming up next is the Studio Lift, which includes adjustable cable cross arms. The team skews senior, so the work vibe is professional and high-output. Autonomy is high and backgrounds are pretty diverse, so we tend to focus on collaboration, open & direct communication, and execution.

                                                Tech stack: React/JS & React/TS for web and internal apps, some Python for ML, TypeScript and Go for back-end/cloud and services. The React parts that I work on lean toward FP, but different areas of the eng department have different feels.

                                                Contact: please reach out to me directly at grant@formelife.com for React and/or front-end, or go through the website for others. Thank you!

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                                                  Company: Doctolib

                                                  Company site: https://doctolib.com

                                                  Position(s): Programmers

                                                  Location: REMOTE and/or ONSITE

                                                  Description: Booking doctors online and providing an agenda for doctors (it’s much more than that ;) )

                                                  Tech stack: Ruby/Rails/Javascript/React for the monolith, then TypeScript for the Desktop App (Electron), React Native with a webview for native apps, PostgreSQL, AWS, Kubernetes, etc.

                                                  Contact: dorian.marie@doctolib.com, I will redirect you to the correct contact, I’m just a programmer there :)

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                                                    Company: ThreeFlow

                                                    Company site: https://www.threeflow.com

                                                    Position(s): Engineering Manager

                                                    Location: Remote (US) - we’re a fully remote company

                                                    Description: We are adding three engineering managers to come onboard and look after the growth of our product development teams. I’m looking for folks who sincerely enjoy people management (hiring/mentoring/supporting the team) as well as perpetuating an inclusive working environment. If this sounds like you, please apply! (Or instead of please apply - let’s talk!). We are a b2b marketpalce for insurance carriers and brokers. Series A funded and have seen 10x top line growth the past two years. We’re saving brokers and carriers 100s of hours of time by modernizing the placement process. Come help us shake up the insurance industry!

                                                    Tech stack: Vue.js, Rails, C++, Postgresql, AWS, BigQuery

                                                    Contact: brettcarter@threeflow.com /

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                                                      Company: DHIS2 (University of Oslo)

                                                      Company site: https://dhis2.org


                                                      • Software Engineers - Frontend (React)
                                                      • Software Engineers - Backend (Java, Spring, Postgres)
                                                      • UI/UX Designer
                                                      • Senior Product Manager - Platform
                                                      • Senior Test Automation Engineer


                                                      REMOTE, any country, with strong preference for Central European Timezone +/- 2 hours or ONSITE in Oslo, Norway


                                                      DHIS2 is the largest health information system in the world. It is a free and open source global public good, developed at the University of Oslo (UiO) with ample support from the likes of WHO, CDC, Gates Foundation, Global Vaccine Alliance, norad.no, UNICEF, and others. DHIS2 is used at the national level in more than 70 mostly low- and middle-income countries. It is a general-purpose data collection and analytics platform used to manage routine health service delivery as well as interventions targeting COVID-19, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, maternal and child health, and more.

                                                      Working at DHIS2 with our diverse, remote-first core software team (currently 50+ strong from 26 countries) and 16 regional implementation hubs around the globe offers interesting technical challenges with meaningful impact. For me, this is a priceless combination. Every line of code we write or new product feature we build will be used by hundreds or thousands of healthcare professionals to administer life-saving and life-changing health services to millions of people all over the world. We also offer competitive compensation, flexible working hours and locations, and opportunities to travel. We hire smart people and give them the freedom to innovate and to work on what interests them most.

                                                      Tech stack:

                                                      Backend - Java, Spring, Postgres, Docker, and more Frontend - React, modern javascript, cypress, etc


                                                      Apply at https://dhis2.org/careers and mention lobste.rs, or reach out directly to me (deputy tech lead) by PM.