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      I would love to see more Swift on Linux as a general server side language.

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        You might be interested in the Swift on Server effort and their workgroup and projects.

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      I really like how ambitious the Swift project is, even if I’m not sure I like all of these things in one language. And I appreciate weird PLs!

      Having all of these things on the plate for this year sounds quite intense, however.

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        I was surprised to see syntactic macros. The rest of these topics aren’t surprises for us Swift fans, though we’re certainly pleased with them—Swift Concurrency was a huge leap forward last year. Lately I’m studying Lisp, which has made macros exciting, but I had supposed they’d require the kinds of dynamism than Swift has already traded away. We’ve had a few other language features that deliver specific macro cases, like result builders for the SwiftUI view DSL. But the more such features they add, the more they feel grafted on. If we gain a common way to deliver those things, it would circle back around to feeling elegant.

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      Package Registry

      Development on the Swift package manager is focused on starting work on an open source package registry server implementation in concert with the community. The goal is to create the technical components required to transition the Swift package ecosystem from one based on source control to one based registries, enhancing the security and reliability of the ecosystem. We will work with community-run projects such as the Swift Package Index to ensure great package discovery alongside the benefits that the registry brings.

      Interesting. Is there somewhere people are talking about this move? I’d love to know if it’s going to be a central index or about how they plan to integrate the package index.

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        I don’t remember if I’ve heard Apple talk about making a central index before. But the primary discussion spot before implementation, besides formal proposals, is generally the Swift Forums. For what it’s worth, here’s the package manager section.

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          Awesome. I’ll check it out, thanks!