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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Becoming a father!!!!!!!

    (Maybe this week, the due date was today. No sign of her yet…)

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        Congratulations! Wishing good health to all involved

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        I just bought my first house and I’m going to modify it almost completely to be fully sustainable and to fit my nerdy hobbies (server room, aquaponics and stuff). So this week I am going to make the general plans.

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          Job interviews. I’m hiring people for my startup, and I had many excellent applications. Now it’s a case of going through them all.

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            I’m getting a T480, which I’ll need to set up, and then I’m heading out on a road trip ending in Dayton for Rust Belt Rust! And looking for dev jobs as usual.

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              What is the configuration and how much did it cost?

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                1080p display, 8 GB of RAM, and a 256GB NVMe drive for about $900, plus I bought some aftermarket RAM and an aftermarket NVMe drive. I’ll use the one that came with it for something else. I also bought an additional battery so I can take more advantage of the bridge battery system.

                I suspect the T480 will be the new T430/T430s: cheap on eBay, tons of parts available for a long time, etc.

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                I love my T480. Might be too late, but I learned this trick from jsc’s blog:

                (Note to US buyers: search the interweb for “Lenovo Perks login” before ever buying a ThinkPad, you’ll save nearly 30%)

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                  I got it on 40% sale plus student discount, but I hope that helps others!

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                At work I’m fixing any last minute bugs we find while release testing, and when I’m not doing that I have a pull request open to change how we package our dependencies for “offline” installs.

                Outside of work, I found some more bugs in my GDAL bindings (some OGR types aren’t exported), so I need to fix that. Also need to play with the library a bit and figure out what the high level interface should look like. The plan is to export the low level API in case people need it, but have a more friendly API above it for most use cases.

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                  Just released the front-end rewrite, now using Svelte, of my multiplayer, web-based, endless arcade game https://SneakySnake.io! Relatively minor changes to the actual functionality, but the code is much, much easier to maintain and modify, now!

                  Next up is user-specified player names. I just need to decide how to handle blacklisting.

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                    That’s a really fun game! FYI: when you get eliminated, nothing happens for a few seconds (you can still move around and whatnot) and then you finally turn into food for the other snakes. That’s the only bug I could find!

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                      Could be a connection/latency issue. Currently, the only server is currently in SFO USA. Elim’s don’t get registered until the server confirms them, which can take up to 250ms if someone else has a bad connection, or double that if you have a bad connection. I eventually want to improve on that, but it’s a surprisingly hard problem. First step will probably be geo-grouping players. Next step will probably be latency-grouping players.

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                        That’s probably it. I tried it on LTE first, now I’ve gotten home and it’s much better.

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                          Thanks for the feedback! Maybe I should add some kind of graphic depicting the connection quality.

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                            Another thing I discovered (not sure if you’re aware of): it doesn’t connect to the server on any device running iOS 13. Not sure what the exact issue is since I’m away from my computer, but I’ll try using the developer tools when I have some time to fire up the Hackintosh.

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                              Hmm.. that’s concerning. I should probably start testing in iOS emulator. Or buy an iOS device.

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                                Okay, I had to upgrade to Mojave in order to use the iOS 13 simulator. I’m able to reproduce, now. It looks like iOS 13 Safari does not have WebAssembly? ReferenceError: Can't find variable: WebAssembly

                                I’m very confused how this is possible.

                                There might also be an issue with the WebRTC offer process. I seem to be getting a 400 error when trying to POST to the endpoint. But only for iOS 13 Safari… More investigation needed.

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                                  Apparently iOS simulator does not support WebAssembly… https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=191064

                                  And the reason for the 400 error during the WebRTC offer process is a webkit bug in generating the SDP offer: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=203190. I’m making my SDP parser less strict in response, so it should be working as soon as I release a new version in a few minutes.

                                  Edit: If you could test it on your iOS 13 device and let me know if it’s working now, I would greatly appreciate it!

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                      Bringing things to state so that they can be handed over to a colleague since we are going on vacation to Myanmar (round trip) this coming Sunday. Yay!

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                        I’ll be improving my personal indieweb site, and hopefully get post scheduling and syndication to twitter/mastodon working.

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                          Getting a flu shot.

                          Also work related things, but those are less important.

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                            Working on Glorious Voice Leader! I’m using it to explore a few tunes, and adding some pet features as I go. I’m also thinking about some other nice to have features like listing chord homonyms, and finding nice replacements for chords, depending on how they lead.

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                              • Getting used to Firefox instead of Chrome
                              • Getting used to ripgrep instead of grep
                              • Bolted out of bed this morning with the realization that set -e was the cause of hair-tearing frustration on a work task I attempted last Friday, so I’ll fix that. Weird how you can stare at a script that has set -e in it and skate over but it takes a weekend to put the pieces together…
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                                Trying to prevent well-meaning and clueless people from making $HACKERSPACE’s social circle explode more than it already is.

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                                  Writing Alloy docs and box juggling.

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                                    Going to Spain for the next two weeks. My cousin is getting married next Saturday. First time I’ll have seen a lot people since 2011.

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                                      Apart from scheduled work, I need to spend some time making a presentation on the Raft algorithm to my team.

                                      So far, I’ve read the paper, and went through the Secret Lives of Data animation. Any other pointers are welcome.

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                                        Busily finishing organising this year’s London Perl Workshop on Saturday including finalising the schedule this morning.

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                                          • Heading home from Riga, Latvia. Been a really enjoyable trip.
                                          • Heading up to Edinburgh for DevOpsDays Edinburgh. Looking forward to it, haven’t been before. Also get to meet up with a bunch of colleagues from previous job.
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                                            Taking up arms against a sea of trouble tickets.
                                            Finishing up my first lean process improvement.
                                            Investigating several process failures.

                                            I am looking for courses on cooking, dancing, and yoga.

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                                              Been tasked with finding the least painful way to fully transition from Heroku to AWS. Not in total agreement with the whole transition in general, but I’m just a cog in the machine. :D

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                                                Working a longer week to catch up on a shorter week last week. I’ve just picked up Slay the Spire on Switch, and it’s been an interesting game to play, but I think I’ll need to take a breather to make sure I catch up on sleep and such.

                                                We’ll have to see how catching up around the house and such work, but I’m thinking about writing an article on what Nim is like. I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit.

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                                                  Experimenting with a gitolite replacement I’ve been writing in go with more batteries included, like an integrated ssh server. In theory once I’m finished it should be possible to deploy as a single service pointing to a directory with no additional infrastructure needed.

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                                                    Will it allow more than one SSH key per user?

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                                                      Hey, just posted the first version: https://lobste.rs/s/4nr3sx/go_git_dir_simple_git_hosting_with_built

                                                      It’s got a ways to go until it’s finished, but I’m pretty happy with the result so far.

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                                                        Yep, that’s the plan! I’m also looking at making it possible for users to specify their own ssh keys, rather than forcing an admin to do it.

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                                                      Replacing legacy code. Feels good. (Oh and I discovered Internet Archive has a playable version of Jones in the fast lane, so I might be doing some retro gaming as well.)

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                                                        Onboarding a new team member at work :)

                                                        Improving our onboarding documents because the last person our team onboarded was me, and that was a while ago.

                                                        Working on Rook and Ceph, also at work but hopefully making a few contributions upstream in my own time as well.

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                                                          Expanding on the currently small PHP piece of my project.

                                                          For now, it is mostly a shim that makes updates faster than the scheduled Perl scripts, but I’m expanding it to eventually duplicate all of the same functionality, for redundancy.

                                                          Recruiting someone else to add another language, perhaps Ruby or Python?

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                                                            I’m QA, and it’s week 1 of the sprint, so my duties are relatively light. So, learning more about Alloy. Major shoutout to hwayne for his DB migration example. I can’t really bring myself to walk through the usual formal methods cliches, so practical examples really help.

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                                                              At work, I’m cleaning up a revert I had to do last week.

                                                              At home, I’m starting a side-project I’ve been thinking about for some time. Hopefully, I’ll get something up and running within a few days that’s ugly but functional.

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                                                                I thought I would have fun writing an essay about nothing: nil, nada, zero, empty sets, three-state binaries, monads, and so forth. It’s a fun little topic where I can start with babies learning and end up with the universe. Might even make some observations about languages with null in them on the way.

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                                                                  Working on a package manager and build tool focused on hermetic and reproducible builds. Similar to Nix and Guix. Trying to work out the best way to do an announcement that maximizes useful contributions while still staying somewhat low profile while utility increases and avoiding breaking peoples stuff when things have to change.