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    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/jul/11/microsoft-nsa-collaboration-user-data :

    The NSA has devoted substantial efforts in the last two years to work with Microsoft to ensure increased access to Skype, which has an estimated 663 million global users.

    One document boasts that Prism monitoring of Skype video production has roughly tripled since a new capability was added on 14 July 2012. “The audio portions of these sessions have been processed correctly all along, but without the accompanying video. Now, analysts will have the complete ‘picture’,” it says.

    Also remember that the first thing Microsoft did after spending 8.5 billion dollars on Skype, was to replace the P2P layout with central servers (running Linux, they were probably in a rush).

    This news of encryption between users and Microsoft is nothing but a joke, since Microsoft collects and passes the data over to the global Stasi.

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      Maybe this is a part of Microsoft attempting to whitewash its reputation. Like with certain efforts in bridging the gap to Linux users.

      Or it could be a major scam. Someone will surely look into it once the update hits.

      Certainky the metadata may be valuable enough either way.

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        What’s the backdoor?