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    I want to also mention orgzly for android which I’ve been using for a while and works great.

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      and beorg for iOS.

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      This is also a very welcoming project to contribute to, @munen is an excellent maintainer.

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        Thank you for your kind words Master JamesNVC🙏🏻

        James is a great FOSS contributor, too! For example, he implemented Org mode clocking commands[1] for organice - a feature that’s daily used by professionals to track their time and bill clients.

        1. https://orgmode.org/manual/Clocking-commands.html
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        On my main mobile browser (sxmo-surf) their demo app renders blank. But then I saw it cannot open local files? Readme only talks about dropbox and such. So I stopped looking

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          No browser single page app is allowed to read local files. Just imagine the horrors of random websites being allowed read/write access to your file system^^

          So, that’s not specific to organice at all. About your browser, I have never heard of it, but not rendering would likely be more an issue of the browser, as organice renders well on Chromium, Firefox, Safari, iOS and Android browsers.

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          If anyone is looking for something like this, but using Markdown and GitHub, checkout Cerveau (provides a webui for neuron notes, allowing you to view, navigate and edit them).

          I recently impemented link autocomplete which I think is a pretty cool feature.

          The clickable phone number thing is pretty cool, and I should implement that in neuron!