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      Notice how Andreas tries to connect to lobste.rs (around 56:43) as one of the first sites to test the LadyBird browser.

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      In fairness the engine and all the other required Serenity libraries were already ported to Linux. Andreas built a Qt wrapper around it in <2hrs, which is still impressive.

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        It’s not only a testament of how bloody awesome Andreas is but also of how good both the work and the porting effort behind the libraries are. More often than not, if you take some random library ported from Linux to OpenBSD and try to write a simple Qt wrapper around it, it takes two hours just to get past the easily-reproducible segfaults.

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      I am stoked AF for this 🐝 to come to Linux ♥ Maybe I won’t hate the web as much.

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        What exactly is so cool about this web engine? I’d never heard about it before

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          It’s a from scratch engine that scores 100 on Acid 3 🥰

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      I think the project is fascinating, and I wish it every success. Andreas seems like a very interesting dude and the hubris and naivety required to launch such an effort is really admirable. It does nothing for me, personally, as a piece of technology, but as a proof of concept, it’s great.