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      I thought this was an april fool’s and then checked the date :)

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        The current Windows calculator is fairly full-featured, and I can imagine it being a pretty good demo app for someone interested in learning about WinUI from C++. (I’d swear that the calculator rewrite was actually in WinJS, but it’s very obviously not.) It honestly makes plenty of sense to me—and it’s not as if Microsoft is releasing something core to their business.

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      Sadly, this is not the older “Win32” calculator that was shipped with Windows all the way up to 8.1. Maybe this new one is better but I’ve spent a couple of decades with the old one and have become used to it at this point. I guess there’s always the ReactOS calculator for now.

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      I can’t believe the core of it is still some C code from ’95 called “Ratpack”: https://github.com/Microsoft/calculator/tree/master/src/CalcManager/Ratpack over which they added a whole bunch of enterprise fluff.

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      It’s interesting how nobody noticed when they switched to arbitrary-precision arithmetic back in the day.

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      1999-me would never have believed this.

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        I don’t think 1999 Microsoft would eiter

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          “Release the Crown Jewels as open source?! Preposterous!”

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      I wonder how many people eagerly awaited this precious moment

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      Better headline: “Microsoft open-sources parts of the Windows operating system”

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        Even better headline: “Microsoft open-sources the best part of the Windows operating system”

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      I think this is very sophisticated trolling.

      At least there is hope to have this fixed now: https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating/comments/a5r971/the_microsoft_calculator_buttons_being_one_pixel/

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        Someone with Windows 10 please test if it still happens and create a Github issue for it :).