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I thought it might be interesting to have a roughly weekly post that lists “This week in…” things and their currently available issues.

Any others that people like?


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    Haskell Weekly News is really good, though not really weekly:


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      Ruby Weekly is an email newsletter but the archives are online: http://rubyweekly.com/issues

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        OCaml Weekly News (latest) summarizes messages posted to the OCaml mailing list.

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          Clojure Weekly is pretty good http://reborg.tumblr.com

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            As is Clojure Gazette: http://www.clojuregazette.com/

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            Pretty Good Weekly is a pretty new security-oriented annotated list of links to articles/announcements/etc. relating to security and cryptography that I’ve been curating.

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                http://www.devopsweekly.com/ though I don’t think there is a directly-available format. Gareth seems to occasionally post an issue to the archives, but it apparently isn’t automated. :)

                Server Density has their own flavor of the same thing, too. While the signup page doesn’t mention it, all of the mailings are also blog posts and thus have permalinks (and are in the RSS feed!). Here is the latest one.

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                    Perl Weekly is a rather good weekly fix of Perl related resources:

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                        Lame but useful request: if the format is kept, can the links be spaced more to accommodate us mobile users?

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                          I haven’t found many good resources devoted exclusively to RESTful web APIs, but here’s a couple I like:

                          API Developer Weekly: http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=5005148108dfbac726f74e31e&id=704930246d

                          API Workshop on YouTube (just started): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKK2ir0jqCvfB-kzBGka_Lg

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