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    I found it funny that after despising autotools and CMake, we get to

    zproject takes a project model and turns it into makefiles and project files for MSVC (four flavors), Android, MinGW, QT, autoconf, Travis CI and CMake

    … which is very much in the spirit of autotools (adding another layer of config generation) or CMake (generating configurations for yet other build systems). Of course, with some specific requirements in this case.

    Btw, I know a build system based on directory structure instead of configuration – cxx.

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      He doesn’t bash the model but the usability, and the readability. The distinction is important.

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      Should be labelled 2014.

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        I mean. If make sucks, why generate makefiles? ninja is not a bad concept, but the whole problem is with having to generate as a discrete step. Any build system metaprogramming should be integrated into the build system so that at the end of the day you are guaranteed that what needs to be rebuilt is rebuilt without having to run some kind of clean-step in between, even when going backwards and forwards in your build history. Ccache should be completely unnecessary. Fix your build system.