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    About Lobsters meta

Edit: moved to a live document at https://lobste.rs/about.

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    One other not-so-serious idea I had is a notion of “hats”, so when posting a comment, one could post it while wearing one of his “hats” that were setup for his account.

    For instance, “moderator of this site” would be one of my hats, or “employee of XYZ company”. If I were posting a comment about my company and wanted to indicate that I am actually an employee, I could select my “employee of XYZ company” hat while posting and that would be shown above the comment.

    The process for obtaining a hat would be something like responding to an email at a company’s domain name or some other verifiable source. Just a thought…

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      I’ve exactly used this idea of wearing an official hat on a site I built. I’ve used it infrequently (low-traffic site), but I’m very glad to have it. It’s hard to remember that every comment I write somewhere will be the first, totally context-free thing someone has ever seen me say.

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        I quite like this idea. It reminds me of one of Quora’s best features, lending a level of credibility to the source without requiring some overblown bio.

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          Interesting idea yeah. As a lurker/member my votes reflect my personal opinion. When I respond to questions/comments/criticism of my work or company, it could be interesting to stand out as a credible source.

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          Any reason behind the name? Or did you just have the domain lying around?

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            Just a domain I had from last year.

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              For some reason I assumed it had to be connected to the lobsters bit in Accelerando.

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            All great changes that, at face value, would appear to make the experience better. I look forward to where this is going.

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              Tag filtering and private messaging have been implemented.

              I’ll probably need to change the logged-in RSS links to have a user-specific identifier appended so your tag filters will apply to RSS views from non-logged-in readers.

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                The Lobsters source code is on GitHub.

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                  If we have a feature suggestion or bug report, how should we decide where to post it?

                  I don’t think we should make suggestions or bug reports on this thread because that would eventually lead to the thread being cluttered with already-completed requests. The other two methods don’t have this problem: GitHub allows you to hide completed Issues, and resolved self-posts would fade into the past by no longer being “hot”.

                  I don’t like the danger that self-posts would fade into the past before they’re resolved, so GitHub Issues is better on that point. On the other hand, GitHub Issues doesn’t provide threaded conversation, nor voting, direct messaging, and other such features of this site. How useful are those features in the context of suggestions and bug reports?

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                    jcs hasn’t responded directly to this thread, but the problem is resolved anyway. I just noticed that jcs’s user profile contains this:

                    Send me a message if something is broken with the site (or something security-related). File a bug for feature requests or bugs in the code.

                    So it seems that since posting this Lobsters thread, jcs decided that suggestions and reports should be submitted to GitHub Issues, and nowhere else. We should ignore “This thread will serve as a meta discussion about features and bugs” at the top of this thread.

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                      I thought of another possible policy: posting in multiple places. We might want some suggestions and reports to have both GitHub Issues and “meta”-tagged Lobsters self-posts.

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                        Oh yes, GitHub Issues also have the advantage that commits to the code can be added to the Issue. One can comment on the commits and individual lines of code within them, and these comments are also shown in the Issue view. So it would probably be best to make GitHub Issues for suggestions involving changing the code – which would be almost all suggestions. jcs, is that okay – should we write most suggestions as GitHub Issues?