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    tool designed for solo single-file projects that allows several histories to coexist in a single directory – good for /etc files, HOWTOs, or that script collection in your ~/bin directory.

    This sounds like RCS.

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      Well that’s pretty interesting. I must have missed SRC when it was released 4 years ago, as well as every day in the interim.
      Anyone use SRC here? What do you use it for or like about it?

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        It says something that our version control systems are complicated enough that a bespoke, single user system makes sense (in niche cases), I’m just not sure what it says…

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          But is e.g. git really that complicated as a single user system? You could work with a small subset of commands (git checkout, git branch, git commit -a, git reset --hard HEAD) and you would probably have something similar. Plus you can easily do more advanced stuff if you go beyond one person for a reason.

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            you’re probably right but this raises two things in my mind.

            What’s the small subset and is it like C++ that it’s a different small subset for different groups?

            A nice feature would be the ability to transition from SRC to git, I’ll have to look/file an issue.