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It’s Monday, and that means it’s time to share as much or as little as you’d like about the thing you’re working on.


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      I loved Skiena’s Algorithm Design Manual, great book. The first half reads like your standard data structures/algorithms textbook, the second half is more of a cookbook for specific algorithms. He did an awesome job walking the line between informative and approachable and succeeding on both fronts.

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        I’m going to shamelessly recommend my book: manning.com/bhargava I have been working on it for two years, and I’m proud of how well it has turned out. Here’s a gist explaining why I think it is well written: https://gist.github.com/egonSchiele/c1ca3e08749169463d37

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            Great! Ping me anytime in the forums if you need help :)

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        First time posting here.

        This past week I started using Clay and wrote a blog post about it. Now, I’m trying to decide what to use for the frontend of my next project – either Elm, PureScript, js_of_ocaml, or one of the Haskell→JS libs. The backend’s going to be written in Haskell of course :)

        I’ve been learning Concurrent Haskell, and taking some notes (mostly direct quotes and code snippets from the book).

        So this week I’m planning to:

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          Still working on that damn FS layer for my text editor. Been working on that for the last 3 weeks. What I’ve learnt is that what I wanted to implement is impossible to do the way I wanted to do it. http://stackoverflow.com/q/30768630/1622940

          So for the past two weeks or so I’ve been doing it the right way. A couple days ago my friend just came in and did it in one hour (instead of weeks) so now I’m adapting his code for my code and bug testing/fixing.

          For those curious and interested in helping, I am making a text editor for the CLI purely in Node.js. No C++ code or anything like that, which means I can’t take advantage of Atom’s FS and Buffer layers (since they contain C++ code). https://github.com/noedit/ https://github.com/noedit/file/

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            Been getting guix set up as the “user distro” for most of my linux installs. I enjoy the interface a lot - my only problem being that now that I’ve become accustomed to systemd at this point and using dmd has been a lot more development than I want for service management.

            So now of course I’m developing my own distribution of the guixsd distribution of nixos. Totally Resonable™.

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              If you want systemd, I think NixOS uses it…

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                It does, but it isn’t configured in the sweet Scheme.

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                  Ah. That makes sense. :)

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              This week, I’m planning to continue working on Logswan, a web log analyzer project I started a few weeks ago. I plan to clean up the existing code base and continue researching memory-efficient ways of counting unique IP addresses, possibly sacrificing exact counts in favour of using HyperLogLog.

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                At home, working on a robot still (haven’t gotten much done the past few weeks), preparing for a talk tomorrow night, planning out a few articles in a series on embedded development, and working my way through Iain Banks' Culture series.

                At work, I’m prepping for the next release of CFSSL and working on some platform security improvements for our internal infrastructure.

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                  Working on creating a static site/page/wiki generation system with a few neat things about it (pages and lists, to summarize it uselessly) in python because I’m lazy. Also learning crypto(logy|graphy|something) from a course to which I physically relocate myself to partake in it.

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                    Upgraded the home server from a HP N54L microserver to a (slightly) more powerful Gen 8 microserver. Super simple, thanks to HDD swapping & SmartOS booting from a USB key even though it was AMD -> Intel arch migration. Finally got a puppetmaster up and running for the home network & sorted out rDNS for the internal subnet & hosts.

                    Looking forward to attending React Europe at the end of this week. First time visiting Paris too, should be good fun!

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                      A little hack made in node.js that needs some polishing.

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                        For work, I’m trying to figure out how to get a Cordova app on Android to generate periodic GPS positions while it’s in the background. So far it looks like the existing Cordova plugins for this are completely broken! So I’ll have to dive into the Android docs and look at Java code :(

                        Outside of work, I’ve just tried out stack for building Haskell projects. It looks promising, and from what I understand, a lot saner than cabal-install.

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                          Writing some go code to do a mundane log processing task. It’s a nice introduction back into the language after having been away from it for a while.

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                            (Late to the party)

                            Blah blah blah Hypothesis blah. What I’m actually mostly working on this week (after getting a release out yesterday) is designing talks about it. I’m currently scheduled to give several and although I’m planning to reuse a lot of material between them, this still ends up a lot of planning and writing.

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                              I’m working on a webapp to handle crowdsourced funding of my open source hardware project. We track our work in Trello, and cards that need money go under the “Needs Funding” list. The webapp pulls in these cards, and connects to stripe to let our early adopters help fund our beta testing (early prototyping was out of pocket). Last weekend I got the routing and handler logic in place and integrated with the Trello api, next I need to develop the Stripe integration and make a nice front-end.

                              The whole webapp is in Clojure and hosted on Heroku, using danielsz’s system library for components. This is the first time that I really got to use Heroku and the full 12-factor style from scratch, and it’s so nice. I don’t think I could go back to complicated Chef workflows and similar. I really wanna try out Deis on Digital Ocean now, too.

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                                I’ve finally gotten a little bit of a reprieve from the family stuff that’s been occupying so much time lately. :-)

                                This week:

                                • More writing on Prose for Programmers.
                                • Breaking a UI architecture project down into detailed tasks.
                                • Setting up company engineering blog so we can share some of the cool things we’re doing.