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    WOW this site is riddled with deceptive ads, popups etc.

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      Yeah, it’s a book warez site.

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      Nice summary of most undergrad mathematics, but isn’t this book still in copyright?

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        Pah. We made a copy, right?

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          Yeah, I don’t think we’re doing anything wrong by copying it. I just worry someone else might think we are.

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            A link to a review or summary of the book may be better.

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              Agree. It’s too late for me to change the link but I’d have no problem with a mod doing that.

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                Hopefully the review I found is a useful one. :) The review, itself, is published by the MAA, so I feel like it’s decently authoritative… otherwise I’d have asked you to pick one.

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          I don’t know about the PDF. I bought the Kindle edition.