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    Hypothetical Situation:

    Heather Timmons: Hey! I just put together an article, I’m calling it “Alibaba has great gender diversity”

    Editor: I’m going to need you to change that… can we have something like, “Alibaba and China expose that the US may be far behind Asia in Gender Equality”? nah.. That might be too sensational.. What about, “Alibaba’s gender diversity puts Silicon Valley to shame”. I like that.

    Heather Timmons: Isn’t that a bit {{ insert some you’re missing the point adjective here }}? Shouldn’t we focus the title on what Alibaba did well and how it’s exemplary of a company where both genders have strong roles in the leadership and operation of the business?

    Editor: Just go with it.

    Just theory-crafting, kudos to Alibaba regardless.

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      Comparing a single company to Silicon Valley as a whole is a bit disingenuous. I’m sure there are individual US tech startups which have more balanced gender ratios (heck, I know of startups where the founders were all women). Also, from the article, the women mentioned all seem to have taken non-technical roles. From what I’ve seen of US tech companies, the non-technical staff tends to be mostly women in their twenties, so I don’t see how this is much different.

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        Gender diversity? Check!

        Ethnic diversity? Might be too early to pat yourself on the back.