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There was some chatter in #lobsters about screencasts so I thought I’d share one that I recently watched that I enjoyed. Also has a bunch of interesting stuff about Zig

(side thought: would be nice to have a tag like “coding” for stuff like this or posts about configuring your system up)


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    I’ll definitely watch this later when all my meetings are done

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      So, why is this coding stream upvoted and mine was marked as spam?

      Is it because I had posted my own stream? Because I was fixing bugs on an existing project that isn’t particularly popular? Because it was in progress rather than an old stream?

      I’m just trying to understand what is considered on-topic and what is considered spam. Is it more appropriate to post upcoming livestreams on IRC?

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        You got one person marking it as spam. This isn’t necessarily indicative of everyone’s feelings here!

        Personally, I think that this board is maybe a bit not ideal for announcements on time sensitive things, but posting full recordings later if it’s an interesting stream is good.

        If you are interested in announcing in-progress streams, perhaps the IRC channel would be a better fit? I would click on it if it were posted in there

        To be crystal clear: I think a lot of people in the community like this kind of content! I imagine the spam vote was from somebody in a bad mood who read your post as “self promotion” (personally doesn’t make much sense to me)

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          I appreciate that, I’ll try the IRC the next time I stream. Thanks!

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          This is actually a good discussion that needs to happen here. There are already platforms that do some aggregation of live coding and my opinion is that they work better than lobsters for that. The front page is changing very fast already and having time constrained elements would make it change even faster.

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            Thanks for the link! I’ll be sure to use that site next time.

            Edit: This bit does resonate with me;

            The front page is changing very fast already and having time constrained elements would make it change even faster.

            I wasn’t planning on posting every stream here, but this makes a lot of sense and I probably won’t post another here unless it’s much more relevant.

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            Andrew Kelley is definitely a favorite on this site, which makes anything posted immediately more visible. I’m not sure why yours was flagged spam, but perhaps someone didn’t want to see it and needed a reason to downvote.

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              Ah, so this is just a classic double-standard. Nice.

              I can understand if nobody liked my stream, but if livestreams are welcome then a “spam” downvote is just false.

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              This is probably more about what is shown here: The demonstration aspect of what you can do in zig. And about showing people how you can do this live, thus in a reasonable amount of time and effort. This more a show-off how capable zig is already, and lobster is pretty interested in zig and new languages like this. At least this is why I felt like this belongs here, even though I haven’t watched it.