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    Does this link work?

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      For everyone wondering, lobsters has a cached link which takes you to archive.md. There you can either see archived pages or archive the page. In this case, archiving it shows me that it is, at least from their connection, reachable. ( https://archive.md/NTgBf )

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        Seems to be up here in Chicago. Did you get a 404, or was it a domain issue?

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          The link target I have in the browser is “https://rickcarlino.com/2021/01/23/build-a-raspbery-pi-linux-system-the-hard-way-html.html” (note the double html both in the name and extension)

          When hitting the hosting server, looks like it translates over to “https://rickcarlino.com/2021/01/23/build-a-raspbery-pi-linux-system-the-hard-way-html.html” (which roughly looks like it should)

          Then I get a wait and a “The connection has timed out” message

          DNS resolution works. traceroute gives me three hops and then it dies, which means my ISP must be eating it for some reason.

          I’ll try again from another ISP. I just was wondering if anybody else was experiencing problems and if the double html was what was intentioned.

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            The double HTML part is unfortunately a mistake on my part when configuring my static site generator (never got around to fixing it). The article generated quite a bit of traffic, so perhaps the server was overloaded at the time, leading to a timeout?

            Please do let me know if you find a root cause- would be useful to know for future articles, and thanks for the heads up!