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    I wonder if it can replace FUSE altogether. After all FUSE is userspace filessystms. macFUSE is really annoying and buggy. It can’t handle failure properly. Has a backing process die? You’ve got a volume that you can not unmount and can not browse. macFUSE has been causing kernel panics every other day for a week I had to use it.

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      Feels like I’m missing a lot of context. Does Apple put out a more technical summary of changes than this one? https://www.apple.com/macos/macos-ventura-preview/features/

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        The only thing I’ve seen is in the macOS 13 beta release notes:

        File System

        New Features

        There’s a change to the implementation of the msdos and exfat file systems. Apps that check for those specific file system formats might not detect them. Please file feedback if this impacts your app. (90768681)

        If anyone has found anything deeper, I’d appreciate a link.