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    A bit of a long read, with a focus on naming. The best bit is towards the end where the author discusses how Excel has been internationalized, such that one user can use Russian names for formula values, and English users can open the spreadsheet and see the English names for the same. He suggests that programming may do well to attempt to move from text into more visual ways of work, in the way that Illustrator and Excel have.

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      As a native English speaker this is an interesting insight into the added difficulty a non native speaker faces with English being the predominant language in programming. Something I’d (naively) not considered. It’s also intriguing to see point free programming as a method for just having fewer concepts to name.

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        When he mentioned that Excel uses internationalized function names, it struck me that any programming language could do such a thing and we could even write automated translators to change keyword and API elements which have been internationalized. Seems like it could be something like a git checkout.