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      The window-tagging is what I love about dwm. But dwm is full of shortcomings, starting with the lack of unicode support except through third party patches, which is a deal-killer.

      herbstluftwm looked like it could be what I am looking for, until I realized that it does use xlib instead of xcb. Another deal breaker.

      So far, I’ve been using i3, which doesn’t have the window tagging approach, but sucks the least of all the alternatives I’ve played with, overall.

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        Would you care to elaborate why using Xlib instead of XCB is a deal breaker for you. Does it affect your user experience? Is this because XCB is “more recent? Or for some other reason?

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          Xlib and latency/non-responsiveness go hand in hand in my experience.

          In my interaction with computers, non-responsiveness is a pet-peeve. It sickens me, and I do my best to avoid it.

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      Has anyone used this wm and can compare it to i3?

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        It was my main driver back in the ye olden days. The key is that it’s manual. The layout is entirely up to your discretion. You split a pane, resize the halves, rinse, launch a window in whatever pane, and repeat. i3 from the looks of it is more automatic and limited in ways you can split. Plus herbstluftwm is configured using shell scripts.

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          you technically can script i3 via i3-msg but it’s inadvisable in a lot of places

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          So it’s kind of like ratpoison or stumpwm.

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        yep, me. Very happy with it!

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      It reminds me of ratpoison/stumpwm.