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    For those who figured it was odd to publish this on Medium… The authors blog is here, the link to the post about Medium is here, with the following text:

    To get the point better, read it on Medium.

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      This is actually not terrible…it’s a decent survey of design and ux issues, worth a quick skim. Suggest rant and design tags.

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        Publishing it on medium is pretty damaging to his argument, whatever it is

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          Imo it’s a good decision, because anybody who already avoids medium doesn’t need to read it. It’s the opposite of preaching to the choir.

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            Totally agree. I used to be the kind of person to say “it’s on Medium, though!” Like I’d say certain projects started on Linux or C with their deficiencies. I do that a lot less now because I think we have at least two types of efforts to consider:

            1. Those that can afford to do The Right Thing accomplishing their goals. Greenfield stuff, personal projects, endeavors willing to take high risk, and so on.

            2. Those that need to work within an established ecosystem, market, and so on. They often have to integrate with it or conform to its attributes to reach its users.

            This is No 2. More Medium users will read this if it’s on Medium. They might also comment through their Medium accounts just to boost their own profile. As a side effect, they might learn something that sends them elsewhere. Enough high-profile people doing that might start a counter-trend. So, this is an example of work within the system to change it.

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            I think it works pretty effectively. You get to experience their points as you read through them.

            1. I dismissed the full-screen popup without even thinking about it, and then read their point about the pop-up and realized the pop-up is pretty annoying, but I’ve just gotten so used to it.

            2. When they pointed out the sheer amount of space being used by the header and footer, I realized how difficult it was to keep one of their points on-screen at once.

            3. I have a habit of highlighting text when I read through it, so I got irritated by the pop-up from selecting text as I scrolled through the article.

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          The copy in the article lists some things Medium claims its not for:

          • Advertisers
          • Quantity
          • Sponsored Content
          • Clickbait
          • Pageviews

          In practice, a plurality of the medium articles I’ve read have been stealth marketing.

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            I’d say it’s most of them, TBH. It’s not really a great place to visit, hasn’t been for years now.

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            Luckily this post is on medium!

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              At first I was really annoyed by that too! Then I realized …

              the Medium is the message.

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                Ugh. If it weren’t, I might actually read it. As it is, I’ll refrain from attempting to derive it from first principles here without peeking. Too easy. The headline says enough.

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                  Reader mode works nicely, tho of course without images, because Medium doesn’t use the img tag correctly.

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                    The image tags look fine to me in the inspector? Also Reader mode seems to work with them, thankfully. Is this something that changed recently?

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                      I’m guessing viewing the images requires having 3rd-party scripts unblocked, which in my book still qualifies as “doesn’t use the img tag correctly”.

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                None of that was true for me as I read it in the app. Just a small toolbar the bottom of the screen.

                Also, no suggestion for a simple publishing tool where my content has a chance to be found.