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    Will it be open source?

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      I’m not sure yet. See https://twitter.com/aboodman/status/1221807959212118017?s=21.

      Currently thinking of doing something like what MariaDB does where it starts out BSL then after a year or so becomes Apache.

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      A lot of missing items there eg

      • How does it deal with a clash where two clients have written to the same state?
      • How does it deal with dependent state (eg take money from account A to B) in the face of potentially other actors making changes to only a subset of the dependencies?

      There’s a bunch of other fairly standard distributed systems problems there as well, and just dealing with offline caching of reads/writes solves very few of them. OTOH, maybe they’ve got a good solution to these, but I’ll be happy with it when I can see the code.

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        This reads a lot like an advertisement for something you built yourself. That’s not necessarily bad, but it’s one of your only two contributions in 5 years. That also isn’t necessarily bad in and of itself, and the claim sounds interesting, but I can’t try out for myself and have to provide personal data in order to get early access. Sorry sir, I respect the work you put in, but that’s a hard pass for me.

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          Hi! It is something I am building myself (with a small team). It’s not complete yet - we are looking for teams who need something like this to partner with.

          Perhaps I should I have commented to that effect when I posted it?

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            So advertising it is.

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              Yes! (Sorry if that isn’t allowed or if I violated some norm)