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To put it short and sweet, almost every hyperlink on this platform has no title attribute. The only one I can find is on the Lobsters logo.

This is a bit redundant to do on the text hyperlinks, but today I found out that to the left of the story titles, there’s a triangle action button that upvotes the story. I have never used it before as I didn’t know it was to be used as an action until just now. (slight hyperbole used).

I feel that anything that does not describe an action visibly should have some kind of title to explain what happens when you click on it.

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    The best place for this is in a PR over at https://github.com/lobsters/lobsters

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      I was considering doing just that, I am interested to find out what areas Lobsters require titles as there may be some I am missing?

      Are there any other links or abbreviations that really need a title?