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    I’m really excited to check out this library. Unfortunately, mio has been completely rewritten for the next 0.7 release, removing major functionality in the process and making it unsuitable for several of its current usecases. In the next year I expect that mio 0.6 will be unmaintained, so a replacement is desperately needed.

    Aside: I’m also disappointed that I’m still getting bitten by the “pre-1.0 crates” issue, especially when the crate is the ~70th most downloaded in history.

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      Feel free to reach out with ideas/feedback. I developed it for a fairly narrow use-case, but interested in making it work for more people if I can.

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      Off-topic, but translated in french, the name and the description are funny; and yes I admit I’m a kid :’)

      Ps: popol is a slang word for dick.

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        It’s like when English speakers work with the Coq theorem prover…

        (Les mots françaises sont tres belle, même les cochons…)

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          Good one too :D !

          I am not trying to be rude, but just for you to know in order to further improve your good french:

          French words have a gender, either male or female, and the word “mot”, which means “word”, is male.

          As “mot” is male, you must use the male form of the adjective “français” (french) and not the plural female form “françaises”.

          Also, we use the adjective “bel”, which means “beautiful”, only before singular male words that start with a vowel or a muted consonant : like “un bel ouvrage” (a fine work) or “un bel homme” (a beautiful man). It’s plural form is “bels”.

          For male words that start with an audible consonant, you would use the word “beau”: “un beau cadeau” (a wonderful gift). Its plural form is “beaux”.

          For female “belle”, or its plural form “belles” works for every female words.

          So, with these two patches, you would say

          Les mots français sont très beaux, mêmes les cochons…

          Have a nice evening ! :)

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            Not trying to be rude either, when used as a indefinite pronoun it doesn’t have a plural :)

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              Damn… Thanks, today I learned !

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              I am not trying to be rude, but just for you to know in order to further improve your good french:

              Thank you. 20 years ago I was fluent enough to do daily life and work in French (I lived in Luxembourg for a year or so) but I haven’t spoken it at all since then. I can still understand it well enough to listen to music and watch some TV, but it’s getting harder and harder.

              (I helped some French tourists in Las Vegas 7-8 years ago. That was the last time I spoke French with a native speaker…and I gave them wrong directions. Not because I messed up the French but because I was wrong about how to get where they were going.)

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          Very excited to see yet another I/O framework for Rust. Nothing makes me think a language is a good choice to use when I see a fragmented community using thousands of different crates that all provide the same features that some other languages just put in their standard library.

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            Not sure if you’re attempting humour here, you could have had a good point by not trying to be so sarcastic about it.

            I agree though, same happens with D. I was trying to find how to read xml, great there is std.xml! Oh it’s been deprecated because it’s not up to the standards of the standard library, and none of the existing packages seem very mature…