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    I was at CodeMesh. Really enjoy this interview.

    Its very much Alan Kay. Lots of history. Lots of comments designed to inflame. What’s interesting is that he telegraphed his reasons for making controversial statements in this talk before making some of his biggest.

    There’s plenty here at the beginning for people interested in some computing history. If you’re interested in Alan Kay the person, there’s also a good amount you can learn about him from the interview portion of this.

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      Odd tangent: I went looking for Minsky’s “Computation: Finite and Infinite Machines” after listening to Kay here. It looks like you can’t get a copy of this 300-page book for less than $150! Seems like a weird eddy of demand and supply in our modern globalized supply chain..

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        Thanks for posting this, I only caught wind of the event on social media and people posting about it.