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This a different project than https://www.luna-lang.org/.

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      Last commit was 3 years ago, has the project been abandoned?

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        Yes, it looks like so: it is archived by the author. The size and structure of the project makes it rather affordable to maintain alog with the software using it though.

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      Method syntactic sugar: these two forms are equivalent:

      print(grep(cat('urls.txt'), 'https://'))

      I love this feature. Seems like it would provide great support for both point-free style and OOP.

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        Nim also has this feature.

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      The language has features that remind me of Nim. I wonder if the projects have some developer crossover.

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      Is this language memory-safe?

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        I suppose so: it does not expose the raw memory directly for things like string handling, and is not even fully compiled (bytecode compiled for a simple VM) : https://github.com/tj/luna/blob/master/src/codegen.c#L31-L59

        On the other hand, there is still some work needed to polish it : https://github.com/tj/luna/issues

        So it looks like unfit for production use, sorry !