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    That’s excellent news.

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      How can I tell the difference between an extension and an app? I’ve got so much crap installed that I feel like I use daily or weekly, and it’d be a bummer if I lost the ability to use something because the developer wasn’t able to update it.

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        As far as I understood it, Chrome apps ran outside the browser in their own windows a la Postman whereas extensions run inside the browser windows themselves.

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          Apps will be listed at chrome://apps/ and extensions are over at chrome://extensions

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          Were there any useful apps? I remember installing Unreal Speccy Portable which is ZX Spectrum emulator, it’s still listed in my Chrome extensions (maybe it’s extension, not “app”) but I don’t know how to start it now.

          As I remember, it was created during “app store” hype to give Chrome its own app store. Essentially web directory like Yahoo/Dmoz, but web directories were considered thing of the past, so they made it looking like app store (which was considered cool and trendy), instead of just visiting website you “install” it. Some “apps” were Chrome extensions instead of websites though, which is more interesting use of it.

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            For a long time, the desktop version of Signal was only available as a Chrome App. I think that’s the only one I used regularly. They finally released a standalone Mac/Windows/Linux client a few weeks ago though.

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              Videostream is/was(?) useful. It streamed local files to Chromecasts on your network seeing as only Chrome can stream to the casts. VLC has functionality for it in their 3.0 beta but it’s a result of reverse engineering I think.

              Postman is the other obvious one but they rewrote their app to move away from the platform