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    Reading this made me think of a creating a coding challenge… I’m thinking along the lines of:

    1) Present the player with a simulated rocket launch.

    2) Rocket explodes.

    3) Player get to review instrumentation logs and software logs and launch source code.

    4) Player has to figure out why the rocket exploded using only available data from single launch.

    5) Player makes correction(s) to software, under time pressure with Elon yelling at player in background.

    6) A second rocket is then launched with the new software and may-or-may not explode, depending on how good the fix was.


    1b) Player can add their own logging tools before the launch. But you only get to see one launch, ever.

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      So Kerbal but for software developers instead of rocket scientists? :)

      I was curious about whether the Tesla cars are open source so I looked it up. As far as I can tell from their github account they have only open sourced their modifications to other people’s projects. No new projects.

      The car itself is not open source.
      The wall battery stuff is not open source.
      SpaceX code is not open source, possibly due to ITAR issues though, as pointed out in a reddit thread.

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        FWIW, the last challenge of Starfighter (now shuttered, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9173939) was “100 people are trading a stock; one of them has insider information; here are the logs, find the insider,” which sounds pretty close to what you are describing.