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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    My only plan is to spend Christmas with family. If something else gets done, that’s a bonus.

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      My wife is going to have a surgery on the 28th, so instead of taking two days off around Christmas, I’m moving those two days off around her surgery. That means I’m working today.

      On Saturday, I plan to relax for the most part. I’d like to try to get one of HardenedBSD’s ThunderX1 systems booting again. FreeBSD has (somewhat) recently introduced a number of commits that triggers a kernel panic in early boot stages (before PID 1, even).

      On Sunday, I’m going to work on HardenedBSD’s end-of-year finances, reaching out to recent donors to see if they want their names listed on the donor’s page.

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        Got symptomatic covid ~5 days back (confirmed with rapid test) so Christmas is postponed to NYE at the moment. On the far side of the upswing now. Was 1.5 days fever, then cough/tired a few days after (yay vaccine privilege)

        My goals over the next 1.5 weeks are:


        • Finish my toml template thingy (I’m smashing go templates into toml to learn go)
        • Explore doom emacs
        • Fix my site

        non tech:

        • exercise. !!!!!!!!!
        • meditate
        • write
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          Christmas with the family and playing video games.

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            I’m going to try and boot up SerenityOS and have a play around. I might also do some game development – something fun and small, just for the joy of making.

            Also, improving my parents’ Wi-Fi, and eating lots of food.

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              Beat Saber on stream and chilling out at home

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                • X-Mas of course!
                • Play Diablo III with my mother (it’s one of the few things we both enjoy, so it’s nice to play it with her)
                • Chill out to some absolutely banging metal music
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                  Yesterday, I removed all css from my blog! This week-end I will continue my work on arew / ruse, a R7RS scheme on top of Chez Scheme.

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                    Wife’s family is Chinese and I’m a grinch, so we don’t normally celebrate Christmas very hard. (I’m on board with spending time with family, but the pressure to buy all the things drives me nuts.) However this year The Boy (10) has ordered a traditional English Christmas, so we’re giving it a go: we’ve just set up our tree.

                    I’m on call today, but not working for the rest of the year. It’s been manic the last few weeks as we got the keys to our new house on 29th of November and I’ve spent much of the time since making sure it’s ready for us to live in. (Painting before and after work, etc.) I’m thoroughly exhausted and looking forward to spend a few days relaxing and spending time with family.

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                      I plan to make a first release of elle-cli, command line transactional safety checker based on Jepsen, Elle and Knossos. I would like to hear any feedback from everyone who involved in testing of distributed systems or DBMS.

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                        I like the idea! I am not sure how to use it.

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                        I realized that I don’t make plans so that I can stick to them but more to enjoy the idea of the reality where I did before I go back to the reality where I just do whatever I do.

                        This weekend I will do some homework and work on my dev env.

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                            Start of a long week off work, so catching up on jobs I’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to. Things like polishing the {Z4,Golf} headlights to remove the hazing, change the rocker cover gasket on the Z4.

                            Then there’s the tech things I want to do, homebridge running so I can turn the garage light on/off reliably, get a reproducible setup for NixOS on Raspberry Pis and the Microservers. And then exploratory things like putting an RPi in the Z4 and wiring it into the kbus.

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                              Feeling a bit jaded with work. So, started reading a cozy mystery novel - a nice and quick read so far.