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Pre-order is up. Authors site


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    I love their choice of the cover picture.

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      I just want to say that I love all the books I purchased from No Starch. They are a great publisher and I’m looking forward to buying this book as well.

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        I was in my late twenties before I got the “No Starch Press” joke.

        I am not a clever man.

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          For those still in that boat, care to elaborate?

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            “Press” can mean “printing press” or “trouser press” for ironing pants. When you iron clothes you can specify how much “starch” you want to have used; the more starch (which is literally vegetable starch), the stiffer the clothes. “No starch press” is a request you might give to a laundry service, meaning to have your pants ironed with no starch.

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        It might be a fine book, but wow $60 feels an eye-watering amount of money to pay for a tech book, especially one about what is likely the most well-covered programming language already.

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          And yet if you paid the going rates for the time spent it reading and understanding it, you would be looking at 1k or more.

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            $60 seems pretty normal for most tech books.

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              there is a 30% discount coupon there, if that helps

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              This topic is right up my alley but looking at the ToC it seems kind of basic.