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    As always with hintjens writing i am left with the feeling of having read nothing that is completely wrong, yet it suffers from over simplification. I majored in physics and know the hybris too well, that one can have when discovering “natural laws” in very macroscopic systems. Point is, newtons laws are so fundamental, we can assume that they are causal relationships (for the domain where classical mechanics apply). Hintjens' laws of physics on sociology are all but correlation. And in a way heavily biased by his world views, they are just one of many projections of reality.

    So I would have enjoyed his views on project dynamics more if he wouldn’t depict them as absolute truths.

    BTW. There is the field of empiric sociology, very smart people trying to find correlations and causalities in societies and groups. It is a pretty difficult subject, and without rigor hard to get right. I do recommend the blog of Andrew gelman http://andrewgelman.com/ for more on this.