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    This was my dad’s favorite Apple II game. It took me many years to figure out he’d also made Robot Wars, another childhood favorite. It’s hard to believe how inspiring and different those games were at the time. I’m glad he’s getting recognition!

    Here’s the requisite link to the Digital Antiquarian historical deep dive: https://www.filfre.net/2012/04/castle-wolfenstein/

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      Most important part where it’s different from many folks’ stories:

      “Ann and Silas escaped and went to live in Indiana. She struggled to raise the boy on her own, but found the time to get certified to work as a teacher. “She was devoted to him,” says Owen. “She supported him in every way, but allowed him his independence. He spent a lot of time alone while she worked. He used that time reading and learning about the things that interested him, especially science and history.”

      Warner attended a laboratory school, where his intellectual prowess was recognized and fostered. “They were oriented toward gifted and talented children,” says Owen. “A teacher there worked very closely with Silas, who was way ahead academically. Unfortunately, his social skills were not way ahead. So he needed help in a lot of areas. But he had a wonderful teacher who helped him and prepared him for his career.”

      Props to the mother and the teacher. It’s people like that who helped me get a lot further than I would have.