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    The fuck is going on?

    Eben Moglen fired from the FSF? Suing the SFC for “software freedom” trademark? Trying to stop the GPL enforcement case in Linux against VMWare? The guy who drafted GPLv3 is trying to stop GPL enforcement?

    What kind of bizarro world is this?

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      A world where Changelings are acting as undercover operatives for The Dominion?

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        That’s what I wondered. I lack data to know if it applies. Subversion is a longtime strategy of big companies such as Microsoft and IBM for taking out opponents. They mainly applied it to law, standards, and some institutions. We should at least be alert about the possibility that they might recruit folks FOSS and such depend on.

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      This is part of the greater ongoing narrative that starts with https://lobste.rs/s/gsvdqe/sflc_files_bizarre_legal_action_against .

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          I linked to it in the linked discussion. :-)

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          Matthew did post a bit about this months ago: https://twitter.com/mjg59/status/850025146567901184

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            Rather Garrett’s post is a counterpoint to the SFLC opinion.

            But as I said below, probably makes the most sense to start with the SFC post that triggered the discussion.

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            Let me first say that I recognize we all owe a tremendous debt to the FSF. Our current open source world would not exist as it is today without some of the seminal work by rms and many of the other early NE43 FSF denizens.

            That said, things in the FSF world have been drama-tastic for quite a few years now.

            I’m sure I’ll get screamed at by someone who feels strongly about these things for saying so, but I think most of the pragmatists in the world have decided that BSD/MIT/Apache licensing makes a whole lot of sense and have moved on from there.

            In some regard I think all this drama is hurting their case for remaining relevant.

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              BSD/MIT/Apache licensing and FSF aren’t mutually exclusive. FSF is an activism organisation for user freedom, and BSD/MIT/Apache licenses are some of the legal tools we use to achieve that goal.